Designing space differently
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Beautiful listening

© Atelier Azur/Regine Haunschmidt

Innovative speaker lights combine excellent sound quality with unique design. Thanks to PLEXIGLAS®, the illuminated speakers not only look good, but also catch the eye.

Black, brown, cube-shaped – this is what the majority of speakers look like. Even design speakers are quite obviously recognizable as what they are: a functional device. The innovative “Sapphire Voice” speaker light from Austria, however, is more like a piece of art. A piece of art which combines aesthetics with excellent sound quality.

No compromise

“Our goal was to combine art, technology and design. Our speaker light therefore does not compromise excellent sound quality for individual design,” says Regine Haunschmidt, who developed the speaker light at her atelier Azur together with her husband Dietmar and hi-fi expert Thomas Huber from The artist has been experimenting with acrylic glass for many years; shaping it, heating it until bubbles form and adding illuminating elements to it. Using these methods, she creates fascinating sculptures, each of which is just as unique as the hand-made speaker lights.

High-gloss and classy

A transparent PLEXIGLAS® stele with fine illuminated lines running through it extends from the glossy black base made from PLEXIGLAS®, which hides the subwoofer.

© Atelier Azur / Regine Haunschmidt

Transparent and illuminated

The illuminated stele is constructed from transparent PLEXIGLAS®, with LEDs providing any color desired. A wood panel is embedded in the upper quarter of the stele to create the excellent sound.

© Atelier Azur / Regine Haunschmidt


The illuminated pattern turns every speaker into a unique item, as Regine Haunschmidt etches each line into the PLEXIGLAS® sheet by hand. Combined with a lighting element, the speaker is turned into an impressive light sculpture. The light-conducting properties of PLEXIGLAS® help create this look, as the sheet made from the brand acrylic glass evenly conducts the LED light from the base across the whole structure, before it exits from the engraved areas.

“This optical quality is the reason why we use PLEXIGLAS® for our speaker lights. It is simply the best conductor of light, while remaining completely colorless and transparent,” explains Haunschmidt. The colorless transparency not only means that the illuminated pattern can be seen vividly – it also allows the speaker to fit in perfectly with its surroundings when not illuminated.

Technology in a small space

“We did not have much room for the technical components as the focus was on aesthetics,” says Dietmar Haunschmidt. He and Thomas Huber tinkered until the electronics were completely hidden in the base and in the small wooden speaker panel in the upper quarter of the speaker.

Huber, who has worked on reproducing music as truly to the original sound as possible for 25 years, is impressed by the result: “The sound quality is excellent,” reports the audio developer. “The speaker lights ensure the room is filled with sound and are simultaneously a very unusual design element.” Enjoy a more beautiful listening experience with PLEXIGLAS®.

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