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Glamorous interior design decoration using crystals


Check out the sparkle! YOOH embellishes furniture and room décors with countless crystals. An innovative sealing technology using PLEXIGLAS® expands the design scope for luxurious interiors.

At first glance the tabletop appears discreet and elegant. And then, when light hits it or you change your angle of view, the inlaid crystal pattern is revealed in all its splendor. A lotus flower blossoms, shimmering in a myriad of colors that vary depending on the angle you see it from. “The visual impact of large-format inlays using high-end crystals is nothing like small pieces of jewelry. They conjure up magical lighting effects in any room,” says Kelvin Ren, Art Director at YOOH.

The Chinese company YOOH specializes in embellishing high-end interior design objects with crystals with the help of PLEXIGLAS®. The crystals can also be used to create impactful embellishments on murals. One of the showpieces in the YOOH portfolio is the picture of a whale, created from countless rhinestones. When the light hits it, the picture gains a unique dynamic that makes the whale seem to come alive.

A real eye-catcher

PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC picture glazing is perfect for showcasing the full brilliance of the crystals embellishing the whale.


Scratch-resistant surface

YOOH embellishes furniture and room décor with crystal inlays, protected by PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC that has a scratch-resistant coating. This ensures that the side table is not only a decorative design piece but also robustly fit for its purpose.


Interior design decoration

The black tabletops are inlaid with crystal lotus motifs that shimmer discreetly when light hits them.


Magical effect

The combination of crystals and lighting makes for a fascinating interplay of light and color. Thanks to the outstanding transparency of PLEXIGLAS®, the protective sheet over the crystals is almost invisible.



The horse's bridle is embellished with crystals. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC picture glazing protects them from scratches and dust.


High definition

Thanks to the optical characteristics of PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC, every detail of the picture is highly defined, as is the light reflected from the discreetly positioned crystals.


PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC protective layer

Aren't furniture and home accessories with crystal embellishments too delicate to use? What about dust and scratches? YOOH has developed a special procedure to protect the valuable rhinestones. They are sealed using highly transparent PLEXIGLAS® sheets from Röhm, preserving their radiance while simultaneously protecting them from external influences and damage. This creates new fields of application for crystals in interior design.

YOOH chose the PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC product because it has the ideal characteristics for sealing crystals. It is highly transparent while also delivering a high level of resistance to scratches and chemicals. In addition, it is available in a variety of thicknesses and can be cut to any desired format.


Thanks to its special surface coating PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC combines amazing optical characteristics with a high level of scratch resistance. It is suitable for use in electronic displays as well as for digital printing, picture glazing, and for heavily used surfaces in furniture and exhibition booth construction and store fitting applications. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM features a matt surface that has reflection-reducing properties.

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PLEXIGLAS® preserves the crystals’ brilliance

The protective PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC layer is so clear that it is virtually invisible, ensuring that the crystals' breathtaking brilliance is permanently accentuated. With light transmittance of up to 92 percent the original acrylic glass made by Röhm is one of the most transparent materials known, while also having UV protection inherent to the material.

This is crucial since artwork, photos, and many other delicate materials can be damaged by UV radiation and so cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC absorbs 99.7 percent of UV radiation, making it the perfect choice for protection from direct sunlight as well as artificial light and even from the intense light found in retail stores and galleries.

Cleaning without scratches

YOOH high-quality furniture requires particularly attentive care and cleaning because any scratch on the surface would detract from the crystals’ sparkle. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is not only easy to clean but, thanks to its special coating, is also highly corrosion-, abrasion-, and scratch-resistant. It is non-sensitive to chemicals and can also be cleaned with isopropanol.


A sophisticated material for luxurious surroundings

Kelvin Ren, Art Director at YOOH, who has been collaborating with Röhm for many years, explains, “YOOH’s mission statement is ‘Living artfully’. Tried-and-tested PLEXIGLAS® and our patented sealing process allow us to preserve the untarnished sparkle of crystals, creating radiant spaces with brilliant works of art for our clients. In addition to this, PLEXIGLAS® has a sophisticated appearance, making it the ideal choice for classic and elegant domestic interiors as well as modern galleries and museums.”

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