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PLEXIGLAS® roofing: a true all-rounder

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Outdoor roofing – intended to create a homey atmosphere and, of course, serve a practical purpose – is particularly exposed to the elements. Find out why PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, and solid sheets work exceptionally well for roofs over patios, carports, or amateur greenhouses.

Durable roofing

Outdoor roofing materials must meet the most stringent standards of quality. Exposure to the elements and drastic temperature fluctuations from one season to the next really put roofs over patios, carports, greenhouses, etc. to the test.

Even if some materials would appear to pass that test at first glance, the strain clearly begins to show after some time. When yellowing, streaking, and moss turn roofing unsightly it becomes a real outdoor eyesore. And in some cases even a safety risk: will the roofing hold heavy winter snows decades later?

The advantages of PLEXIGLAS®

No need to worry about that when you use PLEXIGLAS® roofing products. This brand-name acrylic glass has a variety of properties that make it a remarkable material—take for instance its impact resistance and stability, despite being lighter than glass. The advantage? Low weight makes roofing easier to install and reduces the need for massive supporting structures.

PLEXIGLAS® is also notable for its excellent transparency, which remains virtually the same as it was on day one, with no yellowing—even after decades of use. Cleaning PLEXIGLAS® roofing is easy too, because the various coatings on specialty varieties mean that dirt and grime simply wash off the next time it rains.

These and other properties make PLEXIGLAS® a sought-after material for patios, carport roofs, and greenhouses. Learn more about individual applications below:

Carport roof to prevent heat buildup

A carport roof made of PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop helps keep the interior of your car at a comfortable temperature. Its special heat-resistance features allow the material to reflect solar radiation. Plus, PLEXIGLAS® is UV stable and does not yellow.

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Growing flowers all year round

A PLEXIGLAS® greenhouse can prolong the season significantly, protecting seedlings so they can grow, and keeping large potted plants sufficiently warm over winter. PLEXIGLAS® Alltop multi-skin sheets are the perfect material for roofing on amateur greenhouses. And for the pros, other types of PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets are available for different purposes and locations.

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Enjoy your patio no matter what the weather is

A patio roof made of PLEXIGLAS® provides protection from rain, hail, storms, and snow. The brand-name acrylic glass also keeps damaging UV radiation at bay, so that you can enjoy a carefree time outdoors.

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Protect your balcony from wind and prying eyes

Because PLEXIGLAS® is available both as a transparent material and in a variety of colors and textures, balcony privacy screens made from this brand-name acrylic glass blend right in with the overall look of a home. Another advantage: PLEXIGLAS® is easy to clean.

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