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Room doors for a high-gloss shine at home


Cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms – in interior design, there can never be enough high-gloss surfaces. HUGA’s new “Versio” door range brings the trend into your home with PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC on interior doors.

Scratches, playing children and greasy hands: Doors are everyday objects. The materials used must therefore be robust and easy to clean. However, high-gloss surfaces are often painted, and these paints can easily flake or crack. The high-gloss effect of the HUGA “Versio” range, on the other hand, is made out of 2 millimeter-thin, scratch-resistant PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC.

Door with a depth effect

The brand acrylic glass from Röhm is particularly resistant against traces of wear, while at the same time allowing for a special depth effect thanks to its transparency, as is also very popular in kitchens for example. “With PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC, the doors have a very elegant look and feel that is reminiscent of a crystal optic and impresses with a particular degree of evenness,” says Meinolf Funkenmeier, sales manager at HUGA. “In addition, the material is great for printing – and thus perfectly fits into our new color concept.”

Versio – A 3x3 door concept

You can pick between three surfaces and three colors for the door leaves. The corresponding door frames are available in all color versions and with ultra matt surfaces.


Versio – A 3x3 door concept

“Versio High-gloss” is a very high-quality and robust alternative to high-gloss painted doors. The high-gloss look with an impressive depth effect is made from PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC.


Versio – A 3x3 door concept

“Versio Ultra matt” is robust thanks to the Durat surface developed by HUGA, which ensures that no fingerprints are left behind on the surface.


Versio – A 3x3 door concept

“Versio Textured” has a tangible texture that resembles shale in its look and feel.


Color trend: Gray and anthracite

The “Versio” wooden interior door range is not only available in classic white, but also in stylish gray and anthracite. “This way, we bring the currently predominant colors for windows, front doors and garage doors into the living rooms,” says Funkenmeier.

Three colors, three surfaces: available in any combination

The highlight: The doors come in three different colors as well as with three different surfaces. Versio is also available with matt or textured surfaces. “And all the different door leaves can be combined,” explains Funkenmeier. “This creates individual design possibilities in the living area.” For example, when the entrance to the guest bathroom should have a different look than the living area. “Thanks to the common, consistently matt frames, the combination is still characterized by a uniform look and feel,” explains Funkenmeier.

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