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This way, the high-gloss kitchen is both elegant and robust

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Kitchen surfaces should be low maintenance and functional but should also look good. Like the kitchen fronts or splashback protection from PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss or PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC.

“High-gloss surfaces have a really special aesthetic because lights and furniture are reflected in them – so the room seems larger,” explains Denise Gündling, segment manager for furniture and interior construction at PLEXIGLAS®. With PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC, Röhm offers two materials which can be installed as a tiled section for splashback protection. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is also suitable for high-gloss kitchen fronts.

High-gloss surfaces in the kitchen

PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC unite a particularly strong depth effect. “This effect arises from PLEXIGLAS® being completely colorless and very transparent in its initial form,” explains Gündling. “If you then combine such a colorless layer with an underlying colored layer, effective high-gloss materials are created.” For the opaque PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss in production, colorless PLEXIGLAS® layers are directly and inseparably attached to a layer of colored PLEXIGLAS®. The colorless and transparent PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC, on the other hand, is printed with decorative patterns by various specialists or coated with their desired color. Which of the two materials to use for the kitchen front or a splashback protection primarily depends on the visual intended for the kitchen,” said Gündling.

Kitchen in high-gloss

The installation of a tiled section in the kitchen is normally a laborious task. A time-saving and visually attractive alternative is a splashback protection from PLEXIGLAS®, in this case single-color coated PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC.

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Kitchen in high-gloss

PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss is also used instead of tiles.

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Handle-free high-gloss kitchen

Country house style or puristic – there are no limits to the kitchen design. For a straightforward design, high-gloss kitchen fronts are often chosen. The handle-free fronts leave a particularly puristic overall impression.

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Robust kitchen front for the kitchen design

Kitchen surfaces should not only look good, but also be robust and easy to clean. PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC, with its abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant coating, combines an elegant look and feel with the highest degree of robustness.

Cutting directly during installation

All versions of the brand acrylic glass from Röhm are easy to process – from drilling to cutting. This way the material can, for example, be cut to the right dimensions directly on-site. “That simply would not be possible with glass,” says Gündling. In addition, a PLEXIGLAS® splashback protection can be replaced faster than tiles – after all, kitchen design trends do change over time. “A new splashback protection from PLEXIGLAS® can be installed relatively quickly, even by simply attaching it on top of the existing tiled section,” said Gündling. “In no time, your entire kitchen will look like new.”

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