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Uniform kitchen looks are out, with customers now preferring individual and unique solutions. Kitchen constructors are benefiting from versatile materials such as PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic from POLYVANTIS.

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Some 90 percent of kitchens in modern buildings are combined with the dining and living room. While kitchen equipment primarily played a functional role in the past, the design and appearance of the combined kitchen, dining and living area has since become more important. Hardly anyone wants a standard kitchen anymore; instead, today’s customers want to use the design of their kitchens to highlight their own personality and stand out from the crowd. At the same time, convenience and functionality cannot be ignored.

PLEXIGLAS® for furniture and interior fittings

Discover the diverse design possibilities of PLEXIGLAS® for furniture and interior fittings and order custom samples of colors, shapes and surface finishes in our online shop.

“Plastics offer the kitchen industry many options for bespoke solutions due to their ability to combine freedom of design with a high level of functionality,” says Dominic Schrauber, Market Segment Manager for Furniture & Retail at POLYVANTIS GmbH. PLEXIGLAS®, the branded acrylic from POLYVANTIS, for example, possesses a wide range of colors and surfaces, can be printed on and combined with lighting without any issues, and is easy to shape while remaining robust.



– this is how much a person spent on their new kitchen on average in 2020.

By combining various materials, colors and dimensions, customers can create their unique dream kitchen and tailor the fittings to their needs. After all, every kitchen is different, whether due to the building shape, the size of the room, or the location of the connections. All these factors require custom planning. Countless colors and materials for front panels, work surfaces and handles can be combined with differently sized cupboards to create L- or G-shaped kitchens, single- or double-line kitchens or those with an island.

Laminates are a robust and individual alternative to a range of materials such as real wood or glass when creating individual front furniture panels. Because of its low weight and good processability, PLEXIGLAS® acrylic is suitable for lamination on the substrate material, such as wood. Furthermore, specialist fabricators can laminate panels and breathe fresh life into aged kitchens. Whether for a new kitchen or a renovation project, PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic offers great design freedom.

The brand acrylic glass from POLYVANTIS is available in a wide range of colors, shapes and surface finishes, and, as it can be printed on, there are almost limitless options for individual designs and color variants. The level of gloss and special depth effect of the material also lends kitchen panels an elegant appearance. At the same time, the panels are both durable and easy to maintain.

PLEXIGLAS® for the kitchen:

  • ideally suited for laminating substrate materials
  • abrasion- and chemical-resistant
  • easy to maintain, resistant to fats and waterproof
  • guaranteed colorfastness
  • individual sizes available on site
  • limitless customization possible thanks to digital direct printing
  • suitable for backlit back walls

Order individual samples of colors, shapes and surface finishes.

Thanks to their durability, (laminated) kitchen front panels made of PLEXIGLAS® sheets also save resources as they do not have to be replaced as often. The laminate remains a valuable material even after use, as the wood substrate and the acrylic glass can be separated again and properly reintroduced to the recycling loop.

From kitchen planning to dream kitchen

Longevity is an important factor in kitchens, particularly when we consider that kitchens are generally used for 15 to 20 years. Visiting a kitchen showroom after this period is like stepping into a different world, as the kitchens on display no longer share many components with the previous kitchen. Customers are met with numerous innovations: electrical or mechanical opening mechanisms for wall units and drawers that simplify use, smart electrical devices and fittings, or extraordinary, illuminated kitchen back walls made from PLEXIGLAS® acrylic.

The perfect interplay of PLEXIGLAS® acrylic and LEDs enables illuminated back walls with low installation depths to be realized. Custom designs with high-resolution prints are also possible. Customers can thus combine bright lights, which are great for working, with a pleasant and cozy ambiance. Even single-colored, high-gloss kitchen back walls made from PLEXIGLAS® sheets have a really special aesthetic because lights and furniture are reflected in them.

Kitchen back wall made from PLEXIGLAS®

Acrylic protects walls against water and grime when used as splash protection. It is easy to clean and install, with gaps for plug sockets simply cut out during installation.

Instructions: Mounting a kitchen back wall made from PLEXIGLAS®

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Production shifting toward custom solutions

The trend toward individualized kitchens has not only changed the design approach, but also the processes used in the kitchen sector. When mass production began, manufacturers of kitchens and kitchen furniture used to choose for their customers, with the focus on large batch numbers at low prices. However, mass customization has resulted in a more diverse range of options. With the aid of cutting-edge digital procedures, production is increasingly switching to custom products. Even for the smallest order volumes, many kitchen manufacturers are already working on a job-related basis.

Kitchens, made for individualists. Are you ready?

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