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Materials of the highest quality and durability are required for the manufacture of technical and hygienic aids in the medical field. PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® for medical technology products and hygiene protection devices meet these requirements and also offer other advantageous properties - for example, good thermal formability.

EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets and PLEXIGLAS® / EUROPLEX® films are mainly used in the field of medical technology; for example, for storage systems for surgical instruments, for sterilisable containers or for customisable orthopaedic products. PLEXIGLAS® sheets, in turn, are ideal for hygienic partitions and enclosures. The robust material is also optionally available with an antimicrobial coating.


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Custom-fit solutions for many applications


Optimal as hygiene protection: The robust, easy-to-clean material is mainly used for partitions, enclosures or as spit protection.

Optionally antimicrobial: PLEXIGLAS® XT Antibacterial has a coating on both sides that is effective against many bacteria and viruses. The visually appealing sheets are ideal for surfaces that need to be cleaned frequently.

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Ideal for instrument containers: EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets are preferred in the medical sector for systems for storing surgical instruments.

Virtually indestructible: The break-resistant, impact-resistant, hydrolysis- and chemical-resistant material withstands more than 1000 hot steam sterilisation cycles.

Individual shape, size and colour: The material is thermally mouldable and thus offers a decisive advantage over pointed casting. It is therefore also suitable for individual series of instrument or implant containers entirely according to your needs.



High-quality orthopaedic material: EUROPLEX® O is the material of choice for customised shoe insoles and other orthopaedic aids, e.g. orthoses.

Easy and precisely adaptable: The sheets can already be formed from approx. 90°C and easily machined with standard tools.

High wearing comfort: The easy-care material is transparent and has only a slight inherent colour. Pressure points on the skin can be easily detected and immediately corrected.


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PLEXIGLAS® / EUROPLEX® Films HC: The transparent films are UV-resistant, easy to clean and have excellent chemical resistance.

PLEXIGLAS® / EUROPLEX® Films COC: Due to their special surface structure, COC films are suitable for microfluidic applications, for example in miniature diagnostic laboratories.

High-precision fabrication: Our modern fabrication facilities enable high-quality cuts. We can cut films to optical quality.

PLEXIGLAS® inspires

PLEXIGLAS® in medicine

Highest transparency in the laboratory

Precision and hygiene are the be-all and end-all in the laboratory, be it in medicine, pharmacy or environmental technology. In addition, many processes require optical process control. PLEXIGLAS® offers many properties that are important here.

Smallest structures for greatest efficiency

Mobile mini-labs that fit on the surface of a credit card, microreactors for biochemical processes and chips that simulate organs - microfluidics makes many things possible that were previously unthinkable. PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films from POLYVANTIS also play a role in this technology.

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