PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop at Intertraffic: Efficient protection against noise and wind

Intertraffic Amsterdam, March 29 – April 1, 2022; Hall 8, Booth: 500

Peljesac Bridge, Croatia. PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop solid sheets offer efficient wind protection. © Röhm GmbH
  • The world’s leading trade fair for the global mobility industry
  • PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop: Special acrylic sheet for noise and wind protection screens along roads, highways, train tracks and bridge
  • PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop SilentView: a new transparent noise-absorbing system

Between March 29 and April 1, 2022, Röhm GmbH will present its diverse range of PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop solid sheets at the world’s leading trade fair for the global mobility industry – Intertraffic Amsterdam – in Hall 8, Booth 500. The specialized products are suitable for noise and wind protection screens along traffic routes, railways and bridges. In order to satisfy the wide range of requirements, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop acrylic sheet is available in various optical versions and with special properties. “The versatility of PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop means we have the answers to many of the developments we are currently seeing in the mobility sector, which are a hot topic at the Intertraffic trade fair,” says Giovanni Cucco, Market Segment Manager in the Acrylic Products business unit at Röhm GmbH.

The PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop product family offers a range of options, with the solid sheets available in XXL formats, different thicknesses and colors, for example, as well as with integrated fragment retention or bird protection if required. In addition, the non-transparent versions also provide protection against glare and can act as privacy screens. The solid sheets are easy to shape, install and replace if damaged. Once installed, they remain in use for decades – after all, the original acrylic sheet from Röhm is guaranteed to be durable.

PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop is more transparent than glass

Since the 1980s, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop has been used around the world as transparent noise and wind protection. “Transparent elements in noise and wind protection screens provide a view of the surroundings, prevent tiring tunnel vision and guarantee better visibility too, as the road or properties are not covered in shadow,” explains Cucco. And the product also remains transparent for an extended period of time: Röhm GmbH guarantees that PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop will show virtually no signs of yellowing and will retain its transparency, even after 30 years of continuous use.
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop is also approved as safety panel and meets all requirements set out in DIN EN 1794 for road traffic noise reducing devices. Compared to standard safety glass it impresses with higher impact resistance and a significantly lower self weight – an important factor for the structural properties of bridges, for example. PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop solid sheets can also easily be fabricated into different shapes and sizes for use as wind protection elements.

Special products for special requirements

Röhm also offers other variants for specific requirements: PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT BirdGuard reliably protects against birds while providing maximum transparency. This version comes with black or white stripes, ensuring PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT BirdGuard is a visible obstacle for birds. Because the stripes are embedded within the material, they cannot be washed away by cleaning agents or graffiti removers and are thus characterized by their high durability.

Röhm has also added a perfectly matched system for even greater sound insulation to its portfolio: PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop SilentView is a transparent noise-absorbing system consisting of an aluminum frame and a transparent PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop sheet angled at 30°. This innovative design allows incoming noise to be reflected upward towards the horizontal noise-absorbing part of the element. “This newly developed system perfectly combines the desired transparency with the absorbing properties of a non-transparent noise protection element,” says Cucco.

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