New and sustainable: PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is a recycled high-performance plastic with a proven brand quality

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  • New brand qualifier proTerra qualifies products and services from Röhm as sustainable
  • New PLEXIGLAS® proTerra product family made from recycled acrylic provides proven brand quality for semi-finished products
  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is environmentally friendly and contributes to more sustainable projects

With PLEXIGLAS® proTerra, Röhm is launching its first product with the new brand qualifier for sustainability as part of the sustainability strategy Track 2030 – The Röhm Sustainability Program. This range contains approx. 90 percent recycled acrylic glass and at the same time offers the proven brand quality of the original. This way, PLEXIGLAS® contributes to a resource-friendly circular economy.

“Protecting the environment and the sustainable use of resources is one of the most important tasks of our time. Therefore recycling plastics will become even more important in the future. PLEXIGLAS® has huge potential because it can be completely recycled,” explains Falk Majert, Head of Business Unit Acrylic Products.


Röhm uses acrylic waste to produce PLEXIGLAS® proTerra. The new sheet product is made using a co-extrusion process, with the core of the sheet made of recycled raw material and the outer layers made of new material. In this way, a sustainable high-performance material with the same properties as other extruded PLEXIGLAS® products is made. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra has a low thickness tolerance and is more break-resistant and lighter than comparable glass geometries. It is easy and flexible to use and has excellent bonding properties. It is also highly resistant to the effects of weathering and aging. This is an essential property for long-lasting and therefore sustainable plastics.

The new, environmentally friendly material is available initially as an opaque solid sheet in black with a glossy coating on both sides. Röhm is planning to expand the product range.

Growing demand for sustainable building materials

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is ideal for a wide range of applications. With its high-gloss finish, lightness and excellent processability, it is an inspiring material for exhibition stands and shop designs as well as for interior design. You can find application examples and further information about PLEXIGLAS® proTerra on the PLEXIGLAS® website: Landingpage PLEXIGLAS® proTerra

PLEXIGLAS® is a key element for more sustainability

With PLEXIGLAS® proTerra Röhm expands the portfolio by a further product line for sustainable projects. The original by Röhm is environmentally friendly to produce and offers solutions for many challenges of our time with its versatile material properties.

The Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) documents the eco-friendly properties of PLEXIGLAS® in an Environmental Product Declaration, in short: EPD. The EPD is available as a download here: EPD for PLEXIGLAS® Solid Sheets.

Track 2030 – The Röhm Sustainability Program

Röhm is grouping all existing sustainability activities under Track 2030 – The Röhm Sustainability Program. While implementing the program Röhm will consistently align itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy. Climate, resources, water, harmful substances and chemical safety are the five fields of action Röhm focus on.

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Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products from Röhm are sold on the European, Asian, African and Australian continent under the registered trademark PLEXIGLAS®, in the Americas under the registered trademark ACRYLITE®.

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