PLEXIGLAS® at EuroShop 2023: Sustainable materials and inspiration for contemporary shop design

EuroShop 2023, Hall 13, Booth C 68

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  • Brand acrylic glass from Röhm inspires extraordinary shop design with light and color
  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra product line made from recycled acrylic glass saves resources
  • Climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® products reduce CO2 footprint in exhibition booth and store fixtures

Röhm’s Acrylic Products business unit will be presenting inspiring and sustainable solutions for contemporary shop design at EuroShop, the leading international retail trade fair for the sector, from February 26 to March 2, 2023 in Düsseldorf. Trade visitors will discover numerous innovations that enable sustainable and flexible shop concepts at the company’s booth C 68 in Hall 13.

“We are so excited to be showcasing our versatile PLEXIGLAS® portfolio in person at EuroShop once again, after three years without exhibitions,” says Falk Majert, head of the Acrylic Products division. “It makes such a difference when designers are able to grasp real material samples at an exhibition, touch surfaces and try out lighting effects.”

PLEXIGLAS® inspires design with light and colors

Acrylic glass from the PLEXIGLAS® brand opens up enormous design potential for shop design. It is available not only in the colorless classic version, but also in many different colors and with different transmission levels, from transparent to translucent to opaque. With either high gloss or velvety surfaces, even scratch-resistant versions and those with anti-microbial surfaces are available. PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass also offers fascinating and impressive lighting effects using backlighting and edge lighting with LEDs.

Röhm is presenting a new color option at EuroShop: PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is now also available as an opaque sheet, satined on one side, in a warm caramel color called “Come Closer”. This is Sustained Color No. 7 from COLORNETWORK®, a network of well-known manufacturers of materials and products for interior design – including Röhm. The common goal is to create lasting value for sustainable interior design, with high-grade materials and timelessly beautiful colors.

“Our PLEXIGLAS® products offer the sector myriad options for resource-saving shop design that meets both the high standards of modern design and the challenges presented by the rising pressure of prices and change in retail,” sums up Thomas Putze, head of the Trade and Industry division.

Rearrange, reuse – and ultimately recycle

Lightweight and easy to process, PLEXIGLAS® sheets, tubes and rods are ideal for modular shop design that allows presentation and sales space to be used flexibly. All versions are resistant to weathering and aging – a vital property for long-lasting and therefore sustainable materials that allow stock to be rearranged and used longer.

The PLEXIGLAS® booth at EuroShop 2023 also has a sustainable design, as existing exhibits that have already been used at previous trade fairs are reintegrated. Items such as a backlit counter and various lighting objects demonstrate the longevity and high quality of the materials to visitors first-hand.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra protects resources

Sustainability – named as a hot topic by the organizers of EuroShop 2023 – is a key focus of Röhm’s presentation at the exhibition. Products and services that the company provides under the name proTerra help in saving raw materials, energy and water and in reducing the carbon footprint during production and use at the customer’s site.

The same goes for the PLEXIGLAS® proTerra range, which is based on the material’s ability to be completely recycled while retaining the same quality. Produced in a resource-saving way, the sheet material consists of approx. 90 percent recycled PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass. Röhm is a leader in using a technically complex process to recycle production waste and offcuts from retailers and processors into a material that is as good as new. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra solid sheets consist of three layers, inseparably bonded together. At their core is a thick layer of recycled PLEXIGLAS® material, embedded in two thin external covering layers made from new PLEXIGLAS®.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra solid sheets are of the same high quality as extruded solid sheets made from new PLEXIGLAS®. They look identical, and can be used and processed in exactly the same way. “The shop design sector thus benefits from a resource-saving material in the same brand quality as the original from Röhm,” states Martin Hoffmann, Head of Sales in the Trade and Industry division.

Climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® reduces carbon footprint in shop design

Planners who want to reduce their project’s carbon footprint or have to meet relevant specifications in tenders can now obtain climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® semi-finished products from Röhm. The emissions from production are compensated by a certified climate protection project.

90 years of quality, 90 years of innovation

PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic glass has been inspiring designers and accompanying technical advances in many segments for already 90 years. The chemist Dr. Otto Röhm and his team invented polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and registered it as a brand in 1933. From the world’s first acrylic glass, the brand has grown into a family of products with a wide range of properties. PLEXIGLAS®, the Original by Röhm, has been part of the circle of “Brands of the Century” since 2007. This award is given to to brands that are exemplary in their field and have set new standards of quality.

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With 3,500 employees and 13 production sites worldwide, Röhm is one of the leading manufacturers in the methacrylate business. The medium-sized company with branches in Germany, China, the USA, Mexico, and South Africa has 90 years of experience in methacrylate chemistry and a strong technology platform. Our best-known brands include PLEXIGLAS®, ACRYLITE®, EUROPLEX®, MERACRYL®, DEGALAN®, DEGAROUTE® and CYROLITE®.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products from Röhm are sold on the European, Asian, African and Australian continent under the registered trademark PLEXIGLAS®, in the Americas under the registered trademark ACRYLITE®.

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