PLEXIGLAS® Satinice inspires sustainable interior design in a new, timelessly beautiful color

High-quality material meets color trend

High-quality material meets color trend
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  • As a member of the COLORNETWORK®, Röhm contributes to sustainability in interior design with PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass
  • High-quality and durable material in balanced colors for furniture, interior fittings, exhibition booth construction and store fixtures
  • With its velvety surface, PLEXIGLAS® Satinice works in perfect harmony with the warm caramel color “Come Closer” – the new Sustained Color from COLORNETWORK®

Röhm is expanding the color palette of PLEXIGLAS® Satinice with the addition of a warm, medium-dark caramel color bearing the name “Come Closer” This is the new trend color from COLORNETWORK®, a network of well-known manufacturers of materials and products for interior design – including Röhm with its acrylic glass brand PLEXIGLAS®. The common goal is to create lasting value for sustainable interior design, with materials in brand quality and timelessly beautiful colors that can be combined in a multitude of different ways.

“We take a holistic view of sustainability,” comments Matthias Schäfer, Market Segment Manager Visual Communication. “Handling resources in a conscious and careful way is not only relevant to the manufacturing process for our PLEXIGLAS® products, but also to their quality and aesthetic properties. Together, all of this contributes to the longevity of the material when used for furniture and interior fittings.” The color design plays a key role here: As people grow tired of intensive, gaudy colors more quickly, experts recommend unobtrusive colors to ensure “visual durability.”

“Come Closer” trend color conveys comfort

Every year, a committee made up of renowned interior designers, product designers and trend scouts for COLORNETWORK® search for a special color that fits the zeitgeist and stands out thanks to its longevity and its large range of possible combinations. For 2023, a truly cozy color has been added to the palette of sustainable colors as Sustained Color No. 7: “Come Closer” is reminiscent of hot chocolate, nougat and cinnamon, or even of soft skin.

PLEXIGLAS® Satinice: velvety surface and soft light

As a partner of the network, Röhm has added “Come Closer” to its own portfolio as the color variant PLEXIGLAS® Satinice 8H23 SC, a cast, opaque solid sheet with a satined surface on one side. The new color is the ideal match for the product properties of PLEXIGLAS® Satinice, which features a velvety, matte surface that invites you to touch it and surprises with its warm look and feel. Despite its satin surface, the acrylic glass is very robust and resistant to outside influences.

The PLEXIGLAS® Satinice product family is also highly diverse: The material is available in many other colors as a sheet or tube, with a satined surface on one or both sides, and as an opaque or translucent variant with various degrees of transparency. In the translucent PLEXIGLAS® Satinice variants, diffuser particles scatter light in a subtle way, in turn sparking inspiration for the use of light and color in interior design.

This sheer variety of PLEXIGLAS® products opens up vast design freedom in all areas of interior design and meets the requirements for resource-efficient project planning.


PLEXIGLAS® Satinice - Come Closer

PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is now available in the “Come Closer” color as an opaque sheet with a satined surface on one side. The warm, medium-dark caramel color is Sustained Color No. 7 of the cross-manufacturer COLORNETWORK® initiative, to which Röhm with its acrylic glass brand PLEXIGLAS® also belongs.

© Röhm GmbH

PLEXIGLAS® Satinice in the new trendy color

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass is a durable and sustainable material for furniture, interior fittings, exhibition booth construction and store fixtures. In the new “Come Closer” trend color, PLEXIGLAS® Satinice can be combined harmoniously with many other colors and materials.

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COLORNETWORK® is a brand of the company TRENDFILTER led by interior designer Katrin de Louw. COLORNETWORK® is a network of well-known manufacturers who each year offer a new color match range across many different furnishing products, while at the same time committing themselves to product transparency. The aim is to make fittings and furnishing more sustainable and to creative lasting value in interior design.

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