Europlex® SDX / SDX-F

EUROPLEX® ESD glazings protect against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge events (ESD) and prevent particle contamination.

Especially in the high-tech-industry the requirements on hygiene, production processes, quality demands and safety are rising. Some of the most ambitious industries are the semi-conductor and electronic industry as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Production processes in cleanrooms need to be protected against particle contamination. Materials with a dissipative surface provide protection against the adhesion of particles.


Permanent static dissipation
The surface resistivity is 105-7 Ω/sq. Dissipation capacity is permanent and independent of ambient humidity. Temporary ionization is not required.

Efficient protection against static discharge in compliance with industrial standards
Correctly grounded ESD glazing dissipates electric charges in a controlled manner.

Best optical transparency
The excellent light transmission always guarantees a crystalclear view of products and processes.

Extreme impact strength
At lower weight, the impact strength of EUROPLEX® ESD glazing materials is 250 times higher than that of glass. The polycarbonate sheets are shatter-proof. EUROPLEX® is therefore ideally suited for transparent machine glazing. Both man and machine are perfectly protected.


Lower scrap rates in electronic assembly
Uncontrolled electrostatic discharges of only a few volts are enough to damage or destroy electronic components. EUROPLEX® ESD glazing materials dissipate electric charges to ground in a controlled manner, preventing both immediate and latent defects caused by ESD. This means higher production yields and fewer customer complaints, combined with ESD protection in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.

Prevention of explosions in production areas handling explosive materials
In explosive atmospheres, static electricity causes fire and explosions due to spark formation. If properly grounded, the use of
EUROPLEX® ESD glazing materials effectively safeguards industrial facilities against explosion in compliance with ATEX.

Less machine downtime in dust-intensive production environments
EUROPLEX® ESD glazing materials protect machines and materials against local accumulations of dust and dirt particles. The functional reserve of optical sensors is significantly increased. Safety and availability of production facilities are improved.

Handling & logistics

EUROPLEX® sheets are shipped everywhere in the world to meet your needs. Our global distribution network is able to handle even the most complex logistical challenges.

Upon request, we provide a material testing certificate for our products with information about the material properties that are relevant for you. Our materials have unique labels to allow for 100% traceability back to the resource materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need specially labeled products for medical or aeronautical applications.

Our high-quality materials always leave our plants with adequate protective packaging. If your processing standards call for it, we can also provide our sheets with laminations on one or both sides.

Technical support

As the partner of our customers, we are not just a manufacturer of high-quality extruded semifinished materials, but want to assist you with the development technically advanced system solutions.
We develop many innovations jointly with our partners, advise them on tool design, provide intensive technical support, and assist with product approval. As a matter of course, this includes flexible adaptation to current market requirements.

You need flameproof PPSU sheets in high quality? You can rely on our extensive expertise.

Our services range from materials testing in accordance with current DIN and ASTM standards to fire safety testing in our in-house fire testing laboratory.

Please feel free to contact our experts with any questions you may have.


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