The robust

Our multi-skin sheets HIGHLUX® SDP 16/32 complies to the highest requirements, you can expect. The quality convinced by characteristics like a longtime weather resistance, high light transmission and impact strength.

Good appearance and comfortable light scattering under the roof makes the feel-good-ambience complete. It protects from UV-radiation and hail, it is very low of noise and because of the "No Drip" technology it reduces dirt accumulation. The wide variety of HIGHLUX® SDP 16/32 gives a large range for your individual creativity.



Material HIGHLUX® SDP 16/32
Versions clear, white, brown, colorless "IC", SUNSTOP opal/sky
Available as Multi-skin sheet
Special features Weatherproof and translucent
U value (W/m²K) 2,7
Rated soundproofing measure 24 dB
Support spacing 980 mm width at a load of 75 kg/m²: 6000
1200 mm width at a load of 75 kg/m²: 4000


  • Color selection


    approx. 84% light transmission

    Colorless UV

    approx. 84% light transmission

    Colorless "IC"

    approx. 83% light transmission


    approx. 76% light transmission


    approx. 60% light transmission

    SUNSTOP opal

    approx. 50% light transmission

    SUNSTOP sky

    approx. 35% light transmission


  • Type Geometry Width Length in mm Thickness & support spacing
    HIGHLUX® SDP 16/32 980 mm, 1200 mm 2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 3500 -
    4000 - 5000 - 6000 - 7000
    16 mm, 32 mm


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