HIGHLUX® Multi-Skin Sheets

Unsurpassed brilliance and lasting good looks

HIGHLUX® shows excellent resistance to UV light. It does not become yellow or brittle even after many years of outdoor exposure.

HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets are impact-resistant and therefore ensure problem-free installation and hail resistance. Their special configurations give them outstanding loadbearing capacity at low weight.

The air entrapped in the cavities makes for excellent heat insulation. Owing to their large sizes, HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets require much less outlay for supporting structures. Their smooth surfaces enable dust and soiling to be washed off by the rain. Special grades like "SUNSTOP" can also be used for sunscreening.

Quality and value at a glance


An unrivalled advantage of HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets is their long-lasting weather resistance in any outdoor application.

  • Many years of use thanks to long-lasting weather resistance
  • Focus on hail and weather resistance


Even after years of use, colourless HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets retain their high light transmission. HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets do not yellow, a clear decision criteria.

  • Excellent light transmission and high cost effectiveness
  • No embrittlement, no yellowing


HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets have special UV protection integrated into the material. You can switch off with confidence, enjoy the sun and simply forget the time. A shower of rain will enhance your well-being, HIGHLUX® products are low-noise - look for the comparison.

  • Built-in heat and sun protection
  • Absolute UV resistance
  • Low-noise during rain showers

Freedom of choice

Are you your own builder or are you having your ideas realised? The low weight and easy processing of HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets offer you freedom of design even on the building site.

  • Exceptionally high load-bearing capacity combined with low weight
  • Easy to install


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