PLEXIGLAS® Solid Sheets & Blocks

For structural glazing, shopfittings, signage, furniture and many other applications

PMMA sheets and blocks with unbeatable resistance to UV light and weathering, combined with durability. The products are either clear and brilliant or available in a large number of opaque, translucent, transparent and fluorescent colors.

PLEXIGLAS® GS: clear. white, colored, fluorescent, UV-transmitting
PLEXIGLAS® XT: clear, white, colored, metallic, UV-transmitting, UV-protecting.



Our branded acrylic glass is unbeatable resistant to UV light and weathering, combined with durability and is easy to proccess.


These heat-reflecting PMMA solid, corrugated and multi-skin sheets offer greater energy efficiency by cutting air conditioning costs.


A noble appearance and special deep-view effect are the characteristics of these high-gloss solid sheets, which are available in various colors.


Specialty products for edge lighting, side lighting and backlighting offer maximum light transmission without disturbing hot spots, as well as attractive color play effects.


With its special coating, PLEXIGLAS® Optical is more resistant to scratching, abrasion, moisture, solvents, and household cleaners.

PLEXIGLAS® Reflections

Attractively mirror-coated and reflective solid sheets with a metallic or glossy surface.


These impact-modified multi-skin, corrugated and solid sheets and tubes combine toughness with excellent weather resistance.


This material’s velvet surfaces are robust, pleasant to the touch and discretely light-diffusing.​


These ultra-pure sheets have specific light transmission properties and high resistance to UV light and weathering, which makes them suitable for high-efficiency solar modules.

PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop

These specialty products offer effective noise control and wind protection.


Original PLEXIGLAS® offers a wide range of solid sheets with different surfaces and haptic pattern.​
Corrugated, with comb or in borke optic - PLEXIGLAS® Textures makes it possible.​

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30 year guarantee

We guarantee that virtually all colorless, transparent solid sheets, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, blocks, tubes and rods sold under the PLEXIGLAS® brand will not yellow and will retain highest transparency for 30 years

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