PLEXIGLAS® is suitable for use with food

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When plastics are used in applications that involve contact with food, they must be food safe and thus pose no risks to health. This means that they must not contain any toxic or other substances of concern that could migrate into solid or liquid foods. Equally, plastics may not influence the smell or taste of the food. This applies to packaging and containers, kitchen utensils, cutlery, dishes and drinking bottles as well as coffeemakers and other devices in which foods are processed.

Conversely, plastics should not become damaged or discolored when coming into contact with food, for example by being acid-resistant.


Which PLEXIGLAS® is suitable for use with food?

All transparent, colorless PLEXIGLAS® sheets which were tested for this purpose fulfill the respective requirements specified by the EU and the FDA regulations in the USA which govern contact with foods.

Suitability certificates and other certificates permitting contact with foods have been issued for many PLEXIGLAS® sheets, pipes and even some glues. This is one reason why the brand acrylic glass from Röhm GmbH is such a popular material for goods dispensers and food counters in retail.

Further topics

PLEXIGLAS®: Easy to recycle

PLEXIGLAS® products can be broken down into their original components to create new products – with virtually the same quality.

PLEXIGLAS®: No health risks

PLEXIGLAS® does not release its ingredients into the environment while in use – and does not develop toxic fumes even in the event of a fire.

PLEXIGLAS®: Non-hazardous in production

At Röhm GmbH, we are working on minimizing the environmental impact caused by the production of PLEXIGLAS®.

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