As one of the highest-grade and most adaptable plastics in the world, PLEXIGLAS® is always in demand when high requirements are placed on a material: in the development of new products or for unusual designs, visionary architecture, a striking ambience, or sustainable projects.

PLEXIGLAS®—commonplace and yet extraordinary

PLEXIGLAS® applications are everywhere around us. Ever since the material was developed more than 90 years ago by Dr. Otto Röhm and his research team, it has been used in a wide range of projects. Applications designed with PLEXIGLAS® are often so striking that they immediately catch the eye: examples are illuminated stadium facades and gigantic aquariums. But PLEXIGLAS® can equally be found in high-quality furniture and wall coverings, durable facades and window frames, the light guide film in a smart phone display, or car tail light covers. Taking these elements for granted mostly, we hardly ever stop to think about the material from which they are produced.


A versatile branded product

Today “Plexiglas” is erroneously used as a generic term for acrylic products of all types by various producers as well as for other transparent plastics. But there’s a difference between PLEXIGLAS® and acrylic: PLEXIGLAS® is a branded product.

The PLEXIGLAS® brand stands for quality in products on which particularly high requirements are placed. The branded acrylic is among the highest-quality and most versatile acrylics available anywhere. And it offers the customized and durably brilliant solutions for every branch of industry that only a high-grade branded acrylic can. The product portfolio has been continuously expanded over the years. Today, cast and extruded solid, multi-skin, and corrugated sheets as well as tubes, rods, and films in a wide range of colors and surfaces and with special properties are offered under the PLEXIGLAS® brand name.

The properties of PLEXIGLAS®

As transparent as glass, half as heavy, and free of optical distortion, PLEXIGLAS® became a sought-after material soon after the trademark was registered in 1933. The branded acrylic is also distinguished by its other material properties: In pure form it is absolutely clear and can therefore be very accurately colored.

Some variants of PLEXIGLAS® transmit light extraordinarily well while others withstand extreme pressure or protect against noise or heat. In addition, the branded acrylic is extremely hard-wearing, durable, and weathering-resistant, and even after many years looks as good as new. Designers, architects, and specialist fabricators the world over are inspired by these versatile material properties of PLEXIGLAS® for their projects.

Automotive and transport

Whether on the road, in the air, or even under water, materials in traffic are subjected to extreme loads and must also meet increasing demands on design and functionality. In vehicles PLEXIGLAS® is used as a body element or in the interior.

© Röhm Materials GmbH – Acrylic Products / Drees Design, Darmstadt

Automotive and transport

For decades PLEXIGLAS® has proven its worth in aircraft glazing because it withstands the positive pressure in the cabin, double-digit sub-zero temperatures, and extremely high UV load. Learn more in the market segment brochure PLEXIGLAS® for the Aviation Industry. The branded acrylic is equally resistant to elemental forces under water at depths of up to 1,000 meters, where it allows an unclouded view of the fascinating deep-sea world.

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Visual Communication

In order to function properly, LED TV flat screens and smart phone displays need a material that optimally guides the light fed in via the edges and illuminates the screen uniformly. This task is performed by PLEXIGLAS® light guide films. They guide the light fed in by the LEDs over the entire surface of the component. This technology has allowed displays to become significantly flatter.

© Röhm GmbH – Acrylic Products

Lighting applications

PLEXIGLAS® is extremely hard-wearing and weathering resistant, it is also light guiding and available in a wide range of colors; this makes it the ideal material for outdoor signage. A special variant even allows a color change from black to white, brought about by illumination.

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Lighting applications

PLEXIGLAS® is a favored material in interior design because PLEXIGLAS® lighting units always create the appropriate ambience—whether with a cozy and discreet atmosphere, accurate spotlighting, or wide-area illumination.

© Atelier Azur / Regine Haunschmidt

Commercial construction

Due to its durability and weathering resistance PLEXIGLAS® is used in a wide variety of structures: In greenhouses, for example, the branded acrylic enables plants to grow faster and more efficiently without energy wastage. Learn more in the market segment brochure PLEXIGLAS® for Greenhouses. As wind protection, it ensures that drivers reach their destination safely. Transparent noise barriers protect residents from disturbing traffic noise.

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The low weight of PLEXIGLAS® makes possible intricate facades, which can be fully illuminated if required.

© Röhm GmbH – Acrylic Products


PLEXIGLAS® is also a favorite for patio roofs, winter gardens, and balcony cladding.

Learn more in the market segment brochure PLEXIGLAS® for Home and Garden.

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Furniture, shopfitting, and booth

PLEXIGLAS® is used for trade-show booths, sales counters, and wherever high-quality surfaces that must be tough and at the same time visually attractive are needed. The branded acrylic is also used in private homes, for example in kitchen fronts or room doors. Learn more in the market segment brochure PLEXIGLAS® for Furniture and Interiors.

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