Sneeze guards made out of PLEXIGLAS®

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Transparent protection against viruses

During the coronavirus crisis, safety and health are also top priority at the point of sale.

Transparent protective screens made from PLEXIGLAS®, the original acrylic glass from Röhm, ensure the required distance between customers and staff is maintained and are also aesthetically pleasing:

  • PLEXIGLAS® infection protection screens combine safety with aesthetics
  • Protection for a variety of applications
  • Easy to process compared to a glass sneeze guard
  • Permanent or portable sneeze guard possible
  • High-quality brand acrylic glass directly from the manufacturer

PLEXIGLAS® - one solution for protection against infection

Protect yourself and the people around you against SARS-CoV-2: a protective screen made of PLEXIGLAS® can lower the risk of infection through airborne droplets. Order your custom PLEXIGLAS® sheet in our online shop or buy a complete solution from one of our specialist fabricators:

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Buy your custom PLEXIGLAS® sheet here and quickly and easily build your own transparent sneeze guard.

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Order your tailor-made PLEXIGLAS® sneeze guards from one of our processing partners.

Solid sheets

  • Outstanding transparency and brilliance
  • Weighs half as much as glass
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Highly weather-resistant, with a 30-year guarantee against yellowing and for retaining a high level of light transmission

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Multi-skin sheets

  • Outstanding transparency and brilliance
  • Colorless and smooth, with transparency similar to glass due to the 64 mm webspace
  • Easy to fabricate
  • High material strength, making it highly stable even in vertical applications
  • Highly weather-resistant, with a 30-year guarantee against yellowing and retaining a high level of light transmission

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  • All transparent and colorless PLEXIGLAS® variants are suitable for use as a sneeze screen, counter attachment or protective barrier. Options include:

  • PLEXIGLAS® does not release any of its ingredients into the environment while in use, and is therefore deployed as a counter attachment in applications including catering, bakeries and other grocery stores.

    Find out more about the product safety properties of PLEXIGLAS® here.

  • PLEXIGLAS® is easy to clean and maintain. Please note the following information:

    • PLEXIGLAS® should not be cleaned when dry, as this can cause scratches on the surface.
    • Clean dusty surfaces with water with a little dishwashing detergent and a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge.
    • To remove tougher and especially greasy stains from PLEXIGLAS®, benzene-free petroleum ether (light petroleum) may be used.

    Find out more about cleaning PLEXIGLAS® here.

  • PLEXIGLAS® is easy to disinfect. Please note the following information:

    • Commercial disinfectants are only suitable in part, as they can damage the surface of the PLEXIGLAS®.
    • Bacteria and viruses can be wiped off the surface without any problem using isopropanol (2-propanol) and a soft cloth. The agent has also been approved for use as a hand disinfectant against SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus).

    Find out more about disinfecting PLEXIGLAS® here.

  • You can simply fix PLEXIGLAS® sheets to a support, for example a wooden or aluminum frame, a wall or the ceiling.Alternatively, you can build a frameless version yourself, for example by joining different elements together.

    Tips on processing PLEXIGLAS® are available in our step-by-step guides.

  • For all areas in which the required distance between employees and customers cannot be guaranteed: As a sneeze screen or counter attachment in catering and grocery stores, pharmacies and other shops, but also as protective guards in offices and doctors’ practices. A protective screen made of PLEXIGLAS® can lower the risk of infection through airborne droplets in these and many more applications.

    • Permanently installed guards are one solution. In this case, PLEXIGLAS® sheets, for example from our online shop, are simply fixed to a support or a wall.
    • A mobile sneeze guard made of PLEXIGLAS® is often smaller and made from multiple parts. Many of our specialist fabricators offer this solution.

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