Enjoy the sun with PLEXIGLAS® – and stay healthy

Increasing amounts of sunlight also mean the risk of skin cancer grows. A PLEXIGLAS® roof keeps out UV radiation without plunging the space below into shadow.

Climate change has many effects – and one often underestimated risk is the impact on our health. According to the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, climate change indirectly increases the risk of suffering from skin cancer. On the one hand, the ozone layer surrounding the planet has become more permeable, which means we are subjected to stronger levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. On the other hand, increased average temperatures may result in people in cooler areas also spending more time outdoors and being subjected to more sunlight.

A certain amount of UV radiation promotes health and is important for building up vitamin D3, which strengthens bone development. However, 15 minutes a day of indirect sunlight on your hands and face are sufficient here. Spending too much time in the sun can result in the hereditary material in the skin cells being attacked by UV rays. The body is capable of repairing the skin in the event of smaller burns, but not in the event of more extensive damage.

Number of skin cancer cases increasing

Excessive solar irradiation can damage your health, with consequences ranging from a sunburn to more rapid aging of the skin and an increased risk of skin cancer. Since the 1970s, the occurrence of skin cancer has continuously risen, as confirmed by the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO). According to figures from the Robert Koch Institute, each year over 20,000 people in Germany alone suffer from the most dangerous type of skin cancer: malignant melanoma.

A simple method to protect against overly high levels of UV radiation is to spend time in the shade, for example under a roof. Many roofs not only block UV radiation, however, but also the desired rays of light. This can have a negative impact on mental well-being, with many studies confirming that light controls our inner clock and affects our mood and performance. Accordingly, light increases our well-being.

Transparent UV protection

PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin, corrugated and solid sheets combine UV protection and transparency: The highly transparent material allows up to 92 percent of light to pass through as well as the visible part of sunlight. At the same time, it blocks at least 98 percent of the invisible ultraviolet rays.

At playgrounds, swimming pools, kindergartens, schools and bus stops, people can take shelter from the dangerous rays under a PLEXIGLAS® roof without having to go without sunlight. The highly transparent material allows daylight to pass through – for example as a patio roof – unlike an awning or parasol. PLEXIGLAS® protects against UV radiation without creating shade. Adjoining rooms with windows facing the patio remain bright as day thanks to the transparent brand acrylic glass from POLYVANTIS.

Whether multi-skin, corrugated or solid sheets – PLEXIGLAS® roofs protect against UV radiation. With UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), they possess the highest level of UV protection for roofing materials. This is comparable to the sunlight protection factor used in sun screens and indicates that one is protected for 50 times longer under a PLEXIGLAS® roof than in direct sunlight.

Strong protection against UV radiation

At the same time, PLEXIGLAS® is strong against UV radiation: Almost all colorless, transparent versions of the brand acrylic glass do not yellow and remain transparent for decades. There is even a 30-year guarantee. PLEXIGLAS® roofs can therefore be used for longer compared to plastics, which lose their transparency and become brown and unattractive over time. Moreover, because PLEXIGLAS® is durable, it helps delay the manufacturing of a new product and thus saves resources.


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