PLEXIGLAS® contributes to climate protection

Reducing climate-damaging emissions is the order of the day. We at Röhm GmbH are working on achieving just that under the umbrella of our Track 2030 sustainability program. However, emissions cannot always be avoided – or it is a long and winding road to reducing emissions. In these cases, a compensation for CO₂ emissions is an option with which individuals and companies can contribute to protecting the climate.

We are taking this route as a manufacturer of semi-finished PLEXIGLAS® products, and we are offsetting the CO₂-equivalents (CO₂e) for an allotment of PLEXIGLAS® sheets, blocks, tubes and rods by reducing emissions elsewhere. By buying this climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic glass, customers can:

  • reduce the CO₂ footprint of their projects or products,
  • set themselves apart from competitors,
  • satisfy the requirements for public tenders and approval processes.

Compensation: This is how it works

Our climate is an interconnected phenomenon spanning the globe. It is therefore decisive that climate-damaging emissions are generally reduced or avoided all together – regardless of where this happens. This means that emissions generated through the production of PLEXIGLAS® can be offset when emissions are avoided elsewhere – for example through eco-friendly power generation.

The objective behind this compensation is establishing a balance between actually generated emissions and emissions reduced by climate protection projects. The concept behind voluntary CO₂e compensation has long been used in many areas of the economy.

Certified partner for compensation

We are collaborating with a renowned service provider in a variety of climate protection projects, with the goal of compensating the CO2 emissions generated by PLEXIGLAS® production: First Climate.

Carbon footprint from PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass

Before compensation takes place, the extent to which emissions generated by a specific process impact the climate is determined, for example by the production of products. Life cycle assessments (LCA), which determine the environmental impact of processes, are prepared for this purpose. We have correspondingly analyzed the environmental impact resulting from the production of solid PLEXIGLAS® sheets.

This impact on the environment serves as a starting point for calculating the compensation for climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass. We calculate the total CO₂ equivalents for the ordered quantity of sheets, blocks, tubes and rods, and our customers receive verification of the compensation.

Reducing the carbon footprint in projects

CO₂ equivalents are also called upon for calculating the carbon footprint generated by projects, for example by trade fair booths.

When booth constructors use these PLEXIGLAS® products for which the production-related emissions have been offset, rather than conventional PLEXIGLAS® semi-finished products, then this share of the booth is CO₂-neutral. This means that the climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass can improve the environmental footprint of the entire project.

© Röhm GmbH

Climate protection project: production of renewable energy

The CO₂ emissions generated during the manufacturing of PLEXIGLAS® products is offset by a wind power project in Southeast Europe. This power generation from renewable energy sources saves the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide released by the power generation using fossil energy sources. Moreover, the project improves the air quality and creates jobs and income opportunities in the project region, which then also strengthens the local economy in a sustainable way.

Certified climate protection project:

Gold Standard® and TÜV certified

The chosen climate protection project satisfies the Gold Standard® and is TÜV certified. This ensures that specific criteria are complied with and CO2 emissions are recorded and offset properly and verifies that the voluntary CO2 compensation creates an actual added value for the environment.

© FirstClimate

Type of energy: Renewable energy from wind power generated in a wind farm
Project standard: Gold Standard®, based extensively on the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol for calculating CO₂e savings
Certification: Compensation of CO₂e reviewed by an independent body (TÜV NORD)

Buying climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® products

CO₂-neutral PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic glass is available in the typical semi-finished versions of solid sheets and blocks to multi-skin and corrugated sheets to tubes and rods.

Our customers can purchase semi-finished PLEXIGLAS® products in just a few steps:

Step 1

  • Select product
  • Choose quantity

    (minimum purchase: 1 standard pallet)

Step 2

  • Order with the additional service “Compensation CO₂e” via the familiar purchase/order processes

Step 3

  • Receive the ordered climate-neutral PLEXIGLAS® product along with a certificate on the compensated amount of CO₂ equivalents

Track 2030

Sustainability is an integral element of Röhm GmbH’s global business strategy. We want to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in other words, we want our production to be climate-neutral. One of the first milestones on this journey is the Track 2030 initiative from Röhm, which aims to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Track 2030 merges all activities for targeted innovations which provide a positive and sustainable contribution: commercially, ecologically and socially. This means that we will minimize the ecological footprint of our products and maximize their potential for a positive impact. We will initially focus on five areas of activity:

  1. Minimizing the CO₂ footprint to which the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions will contribute
  2. Advancing the circular economy
  3. Efficient use of water resources
  4. Minimizing pollutant emissions
  5. Ensuring the safety of chemicals

Sustainability is being embedded in the business activities of the Röhm Group, making it a key factor for success on our path to becoming the leading methacrylates business.

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