Thermal insulation calculator

Calculate the potential energy savings you can achieve using different PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets and compared to glass:

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  • Natural gas
  • electricity
  • heating oil
  • wood pellets
  • propane

      Savings at a glance

      Heat requirement
      CO₂ emissions
      Consumption of heating media
      Energy costs

      Comparison between and

      >GlassPotential energy saving
      Heat requirement
      Heat requirement
      CO₂ emissions
      CO₂ emissions
      Consumption of heating media
      Consumption of heating media
      Energy costs
      Energy costs
      * Plexiglas® Alltop® SDP 16 / PLEXIGLAS® Resist® SDP16

      Recommended products

      PLEXIGLAS® Alltop SDP 16-64

      • excellent light transmission up to 91%
      • high UV transmission
      • NO DROP coating
      • Primary application: Greenhouse construction

      PLEXIGLAS® Resist AAA SDP 16-64

      • a transparency similar to glass thanks to web space of 64mm
      • reduction of algae and moss growth on the sheet surface thanks to Anti-Adhesion-Application (AAA) coating
      • application: Primarily canopy roofing
      • also suitable for interior

      PLEXIGLAS® Resist S5P

      • high rigidity
      • excellent thermal insulation
      • primary application: closed roofing

      PLEXIGLAS® Resist SDP 8

      • lighter product variant
      • economical alternative
      • primary application: roofing


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