ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 and 1R 0192 are preferably used for bonding PLEXIGLAS® GS to PLEXIGLAS® GS and PLEXIGLAS® XT to PLEXIGLAS® XT, but also for other materials such as ABS, CAB, PS, PVC, SMS, UP and wood. The cured joints are virtually colorless.

Bubbles due to stirred-in air 

Degas adhesive compound.

Bubbles introduced during bonding

Apply adhesive without bubble formation; if necessary, enhance wetting-out by pretreating the surface with ACRIFIX® TC 0030, scrape cut surface, remove bubbles using a paintbrush and ACRIFIX® TC 0030.

Bubbles caused by excessive heat development during polymerization

Reduce layer thickness, slightly reduce hardener quantity, add ACRIFIX® MO 0070, apply adhesive in several steps. 

Bubbles due to uneven adhesive joint

Treat adherends mechanically to make them plane, space them more accurately. 

Bubbles due to adhesive shrinkage or elastic recovery due to indrawn air

Apply a thicker or more even layer of adhesive if necessary, apply growing contact pressure during the pot life until curing is completed.

Bubbles due to soiled adherend surfaces

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be bonded.