PLEXIGLAS® – Tolerances



PLEXIGLAS®GS sheets are manufactured according to ISO 7823-1. The thickness tolerance formula is: thickness tolerance = +/- (0.4 + 0.1 x sheet thickness)

PLEXIGLAS® XT sheets are manufactured according to ISO 7823-2.
The thickness tolerance is
thicknesses < 3 mm +/- 10%
thicknesses >/= 3 mm +/- 5%


PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT are manufactured according to EN ISO 7823-1 and -2. According to this standard, acrylic must have a smooth surface and show no scratches, grooves or other surface defects of more than 3 square millimeters (mm2).

Nor must there be any bubbles, inclusions, cracks or other defects larger than 3 mm2 in each case that might negatively influence the suitability of the sheets for their intended purpose. Surface defects smaller than 1 mm2 are negligible, and defects of 1 to 3 mm2 are acceptable.

Within a surface area of one square meter (m2), there must not be an accumulation of small defects whose size is defined as negligible. No further defects may occur in or on the sheet at a distance of 500 millimeters (mm) whose size is defined as acceptable.