Original PLEXIGLAS® will not yellow. 

Unique properties 


Sunlight contains a large proportion of harmful UV radiation. Everyone who has ever suffered from sunburn knows that.

When new, transparent plastics all look more or less the same. The nasty surprise often comes a few years later. UV radiation can cause dramatic changes in most plastics. They may turn yellow or brown, and become unsightly and lose a considerable portion of their light transmission.

More Light
PLEXIGLAS® does not. Depending on material grade and region, clear-transparent sheets still retain up to 90 % light transmission after 30 years of service life. This is one of the best transmission levels offered by any plastic.*

* not valid for hard coated surfaces

naturally UV-stable

UV protection

Plastics are UV-sensitive and therefore often have to be provided with protective coating. Coatings such as lacquers and other types of film are often very thin and liable to scratch, flake or crack. Products that contain natural UV protection throughout the material are best equipped. 
PLEXIGLAS® with the Special NATURALLY UV-STABLE technology has such natural protection.

PLEXIGLAS® - Protection against UV-radiation
30 years no yellowing gruarantee

On the safe side with PLEXIGLAS® - 30 Year Guarantee

PLEXIGLAS® defies the yellowing effect of UV radiation, thanks to its NATURALLY UV-STABLE technology. And because we are so sure of that fact, we now provide the following guarantee: 
- no yellowing for 30 years 
- maximum light transmission for 30 years



Where to buy PLEXIGLAS®

PLEXIGLAS® is purchased via distributors, high-level DIY stores and our PLEXIGLAS® shop.