Hai in auqarium

PLEXIGLAS® for Aquariums and Specialty Glazing

Application Areas

Industrial Construction & Architecture

Insights into new dimensions

PLEXIGLAS® Block for aquarium and sonder glazing

Gone are the days when large aquariums offered only a glimpse of the magnificent animals inside them. Today’s spectacular constructions let visitors come eye to eye with exotic animals in many different locations. Undreamed-of insights and outlooks are also possible in other areas too. Swimmers underwater can see through the walls of a swimming pool; engineers can look into cross-sectional models of machines; doctors can observe patients inside hyperbaric chambers; researchers dive down to the ocean’s depths in submersibles with transparent canopies.

Materials like PLEXIGLAS® help to push back the boundaries of these developments and projects. The machining possibilities offered by the material are virtually endless. Creative professionals in architecture, prototype building, design, and the fine and decorative arts can give free rein to their imagination when shaping and coloring their projects with PLEXIGLAS®.