PLEXIGLAS® for Greenhouses

Application Areas

Industrial Construction & Architecture

Create your own climate

Greenhouses enable us to harvest tomatoes, cucumbers and salad greens at any time of the year and grow flowering plants even in winter – even when the weather outside is rainy and snowy. They create an individual climate zone in which plants can flourish and vegetables can ripen. In zoos and botanical gardens, they offer a pleasant temperature for flora and fauna from foreign climes.

It is crucial for greenhouses to offer high light transmission if they are to provide a good yield. Light helps crops grow faster, and a high proportion of UV light gives blossoms more intense color. Greenhouses made of PLEXIGLAS® always provide plants with the right mix of sunlight and UV radiation. Their good heat insulation means hardly any energy is lost. That cuts heating costs and lightens the load on the environment. These are decisive factors for the competitiveness of every horticultural company.