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Architecture is inspiration incarnate. New shapes and structures bear witness to the innovative power of their creators. Functional buildings unite design and usefulness. In all these areas, PLEXIGLAS® is part of the picture: as a façade, a design element or as a means of transporting light and brightness. In aquariums and animal enclosures, it reconciles animal protection with human curiosity, and as safety glazing, it protects from harm.

In greenhouses, it makes plants grow faster and more efficiently without wasting energy. The right kind of windscreen ensures that drivers safely reach their destination. Transparent noise barriers protect residents from disturbing traffic noise, without bulky walls or embankments. Its versatility and durability make it a vehicle for contemporary and futuristic ideas.

Light weight, light and color variations offer important impetus for modern architecture. PLEXIGLAS® provides inspiration for all these areas. It is approved for overhead glazing and remains durably brilliant and highly transparent. Its light weight enables delicate structures. As a mineral-filled façade material, it offers convincing weather resistance and colorfastness.

Since PLEXIGLAS® is eleven times as impact-resistant as glass, it not only looks good and provides a clear view, it also protects people and animals. In stadiums, on machines or transport equipment, PLEXIGLAS® protects people from injury yet is hardwearing in permanent service. In public or large aquariums, it withstands enormous water pressure and turns a visit into a unique experience.

Blossoming plants in winter, tasty tomatoes throughout the year and fresh salads even in cold regions: PLEXIGLAS® greenhouses always provide the right mixture of sunlight and UV radiation. Their good heat insulation keeps energy loss to a minimum. Greenhouse operators benefit twice over, from lower energy costs and the long service life of PLEXIGLAS®, which comes with a 30-year guarantee: transparent sheets will retain maximum light transmission and show no yellowing during this period.

Two brands, one product

Evonik is a worldwide manufacturer of PMMA products sold under the PLEXIGLAS® trademark on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents and under the ACRYLITE® trademark in the Americas.