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PLEXIGLAS® for Roof and Façade

Application Areas

Industrial Construction & Architecture

Building shells – protective skins

It’s the first impression that counts. The façade and roof of a building can be seen from afar – they are its architectural calling card, so to speak. But looks aren’t everything. Modern structures unite design with functional value. The shell of a building does more than determine its appearance, it also acts as a protective skin to ward off winds, weathers and other external influences. For decades to come.

To perform these functions, architects are increasingly looking for new materials that offer different options while meeting high technical demands. PLEXIGLAS® is the ideal material. It can be formed and colored with excellent results. It is extremely stable and can be manufactured in large sizes to provide homogeneous and practically seamless surfaces. This material opens up new dimensions and adjusts perfectly to the individual characteristics of the structure in question.