PLEXIGLAS® for Domestic greenhouses


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Makes plants flourish

What is vital to commercial gardeners is every bit as important for private plant lovers. PLEXIGLAS® Alltop multi-skin sheets transmit the entire spectrum of UV radiation. That provides colorful plants with vigorous growth. Like all transparent sheets, this comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Why PLEXIGLAS® for your domestic greenhouse?

  • High-grade plastic as is used, for example, in the aviation and automotive industries

  • Extraordinarily long service life thanks to natural UV resistance

  • Retains its value over the 30-year non-yellowing warranty period

  • Comprehensive dealer network, with experienced fabricators

  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers


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PLEXIGLAS® Alltop for your domestic greenhouse

  • Transmits the entire light spectrum for open-air conditions under a protective roof

  • Optimal protection against weathering

  • NO DROP coating on both sides and inside the cavities prevents light loss due to condensation

  • Good heat insulation, lower heating costs

  • Made in Germany

30-year guarantee against yellowing

PLEXIGLAS® Multi-skin sheets

With PLEXIGLAS® you are always on the safe side.


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