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PLEXIGLAS® Corrugated sheets


For patio roofs, car ports, verandas, wind barrier glazing, factory roofs etc.

PLEXIGLAS® WP corrugated sheets are extruded from impact-modified acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA) - tough, easy to machine, easy to install, flexural strength and weather resistance guaranteed.

Wellplatten PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop
PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop Corrugated sheets - heat reflecting, extruded acrylic

Even in the summer heat, spaces roofed with PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop WP stay pleasantly cool, yet bright.

Wellplatten PLEXIGLAS® Resist
PLEXIGLAS® Resist Corrugated sheets - impact resistant, extruded acrylic

PLEXIGLAS® Resist corrugated sheets are more break-resistant than sheets made from conventional acrylic, and are guaranteed to be hail-resistant. 


As of October 1, 2014, the hail resistance guarantee for PLEXIGLAS® corrugated sheets will be trebled from the usual 10 years to 30 years. The improved hail resistance guarantee applies to all PLEXIGLAS® Resist and PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop corrugated sheets with a material thickness of 3 mm.