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For durable and tamper-evident labels

There are challenging and many different demands on today's labels.

In certain applications, it is crucial that important messages regarding branding, safety, compliance, instructions, warnings, identity and traceability remain legible on labels for lifetime of a product. 

In other applications, brand protection and security have high priorities, due to the fact that counterfeiting damages sales, brand perception and product value.  Requirements demanded by the label industry can be fulfilled almost entirely by the versatility of branded products such as PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films.

As over-laminates equipped with UV absorbers, PLEXIGLAS® films protect labels and printed substrates from sunlight and effects of weathering, as well as ensure readability of important information for a desired period of time. 

The PVDF layer of the EUROPLEX® HC film additionally offers improved chemical resistance. Moreover, soiling can be removed rapidly and effectively from the film surface.  The combination of UV protection and high transparency ensures the highest optical quality, which is maintained even after many years of outdoor use.  In addition, durable labels and printed substrates can be produced without over-lamination, because the PLEXIGLAS® surface can be printed on directly. Due to excellent surface optics, high-quality prints can be achieved. 

In contrast, PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® security films are destructible and labels made from these films are visibly and irreversibly damaged after an attempt to remove them from their original position. Therefore, counterfeiting and tampering are topics of the past. 

Our portfolio includes transparent films with  smooth surface on both sides to opaque white-colored films with  matt finish on one side, as well as films  with different destructibility levels.  PLEXIGLAS® films are made of 100% acrylic polymer. Therefore, they are halogen, solvent and plasticizer free and odorless. Another significant advantage is that the property profile itself does not change over time. 

Selected grades meet the requirements of EU 10/2011.