PLEXIGLAS® - A lifelong fascination 


PLEXIGLAS® is one of the world‘s most precious and versatile plastics. It can be manufactured with many different functional properties and surfaces, offering high light transmission, light diffusion, sight screening, heat reflection, heat insulation, sound reflection, and so on ...

Weather resistance and transparency ensure a long service life for PLEXIGLAS® in many applications. It is therefore the ideal material for all outdoor projects. PLEXIGLAS® is characterized by elegance, brilliance and color consistency. With these attributes, it draws attention to all indoor items, messages and designer objects.

30 Year Guarantee

We guarantee that clear-transparent solid sheets, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, blocks, tubes and rods marketed under the PLEXIGLAS® trademark will show no yellowing and will retain a high level of light transmission for 30 years.