Building a privacy screen for your balcony using PLEXIGLAS®

Balcony glazing made of PLEXIGLAS® functions both as a privacy screen and wind protection. Moreover, its low weight means there is no need to call an expert – even amateur DIY enthusiasts can fit it easily in just seven steps.

Which PLEXIGLAS® variants are suitable for use as balcony cladding?

Thanks to its outstanding weather resistance properties, PLEXIGLAS® is a good alternative to other materials for use as a privacy screen. The brand acrylic glass from POLYVANTIS GmbH remains UV-stable for decades without turning yellow, making it ideally suited for outdoor applications. This is backed up by a 30-year guarantee on almost all colorless, transparent PLEXIGLAS® products.

Which PLEXIGLAS® variant is to be used as balcony cladding depends on personal taste and the structural conditions.

    1. Cut the PLEXIGLAS® sheets to size or order ready-cut sheets in the online shop
    2. Drill holes in the balcony railings
    3. Apply rust protection to the drill holes
    4. Fix the PLEXIGLAS® sheets in place using screw clamps
    5. Draw fixation marks on the PLEXIGLAS® sheets
    6. Drill fastening holes in the PLEXIGLAS® sheets
    7. Screw the PLEXIGLAS® privacy screen onto the balcony railings

The following video shows what you need to keep in mind during the individual steps.

How-to-Video: Mounting balcony cladding made of PLEXIGLAS®


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