Fastening and laying PLEXIGLAS®

PLEXIGLAS® is easy to install on other materials. You can find installation instructions and tips for fastening on walls, tiles or wood to download here.

Be it as splashbacks in the kitchen, seamless wall cladding in the bathroom or balcony glazing – you can make an elegant statement in and around the home with solid PLEXIGLAS® sheets. The sheets are not just easy to install, but also easy to release from the fastening again if needed – a practical way to liven up rooms with new designs or changing colors time and again.

There are various ways to lay solid PLEXIGLAS® sheets vertically. They can be fastened to a substructure with clamping rails, with double-sided mirror tape or with magnetic tape, or drilled and screwed in.

    • Waterproof plasterboard
    • Painted, moisture-resistant chipboard
    • Painted MDF boards
    • Fixed, tiled splashbacks
    • Plastered walls treated with holding primer
    • Stone wall painted with latex paint (e.g. brick or lime sandstone) or concrete wall
    • Laminated timber
    • Metal

Fastening PLEXIGLAS® to the wall

A proven way to attach PLEXIGLAS® to interior walls is invisible hanging fastenings that work on the key-and-lock principle. It is ideal for installing a PLEXIGLAS® backwall on a tiled splashback, for example. The sheets can be removed again quickly and easily. This is very useful in kitchens and bathrooms, in order to provide access to inspection openings or water pipes laid in the wall for repair or maintenance. The sheets are installed on the wall or a sub-construction as a hung design element.

Installing PLEXIGLAS® on balconies

Solid PLEXIGLAS® sheets are also ideal as privacy screens and wind protection for balconies. In this application, the sheets are screwed onto the balcony railing. Further information on this and an explanatory video can be found in the article “Building balcony privacy screens from PLEXIGLAS®”.

Installing PLEXIGLAS® roofs

It is just as easy to install a PLEXIGLAS® roof yourself, such as for a carport, patio roof or porch. The sheets are screwed onto a sub-construction made from wood or metal. This is described in the brochure “Instructions for Installing for PLEXIGLAS® Multi-Skin, Corrugated and Solid Sheets”.

Seamless backsplash

Materials with high-gloss surfaces – such as PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC – are an elegant alternative to tiled backsplashes in the kitchen.

© Röhm GmbH / Steffen Schüller

Shower back wall without tiles

Shower back walls made from PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC can be printed individually.

© Murodesign

Balcony rail made from PLEXIGLAS®

Privacy shields and wind protection made from solid PLEXIGLAS® sheets are easy to install yourself.

© Röhm – Acrylic Products


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