Fastening PLEXIGLAS® to walls

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PLEXIGLAS® sheets can be easily fixed to walls, as a seamless alternative to tiled splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms, for example. Tips, inspiration, and instructions are available here.

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to enhancing your home with PLEXIGLAS® wall cladding. The original PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glass from Röhm makes for a stunning and easy-to-maintain splashback protection in the kitchen, a seamless bathroom, or a shower back wall printed with a photo design, as well as illuminated wall panels in the living room and marker boards in the office.


Which PLEXIGLAS® is suitable for use as wall cladding?

The entire range of PLEXIGLAS® sheets can be used for wall cladding in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and workrooms. A wide variety of colors, surfaces, and properties is available to suit the respective purpose and your taste. The brand acrylic glass can also be printed with a design and backlit. Why not take a look at our examples of how PLEXIGLAS® can be used in furniture and interior design for some inspiration?

Installing PLEXIGLAS® wall cladding yourself

You can easily install PLEXIGLAS® wall cladding or tiled splashback yourself – and can just as easily remove or replace it with another design variant.

Acrylic glass offers several advantages over glass: It is much lighter and more resistant to breakage. What's more, PLEXIGLAS® can be cut to size, drilled, and fixed to the wall directly at the installation site, whether you're a DIY amateur or professional. And what's particularly handy is that PLEXIGLAS® sheets can simply be laid over the existing wall cladding, such as tiles – saving time, effort, and costs.

    • Waterproof plasterboard
    • Painted, moisture-resistant chipboard
    • Painted MDF boards
    • Fixed, tiled splashbacks
    • Plastered walls treated with holding primer
    • Stone wall painted with latex paint (e.g. brick or lime sandstone) or concrete wall

Ways to mount PLEXIGLAS® to the wall

There are various ways to install PLEXIGLAS® sheets vertically. Sheets can be glued to a substructure, fixed with clamping rails, or drilled through and screwed tight. A distinction is made between a fixed and removable fastening.

With a fixed fastening, PLEXIGLAS® sheets can be stuck directly onto the surface, using double-sided mirror adhesive tape, for example. With a removable fastening, the sheets are mounted between clamping rails or aluminum profiles, screwed to other components, or mounted using the lock-and-key principle.

With the invisible hanging fastening using the lock-and-key principle, the elegant surface of the material can be fully appreciated without visually disturbing brackets. The sheets can also be removed again quickly and easily if needed. This method is very well suited to mounting PLEXIGLAS® wall cladding in the kitchen or in the bathroom, for example.

The brochure “Fabricating Tips for PLEXIGLAS®” describes how this works. It also provides an overview of other methods of mounting PLEXIGLAS® to the wall.



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