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To make it easier for you to obtain approval for the use of PLEXIGLAS®, we will be pleased to provide you with copies of such documents. Just tell us which certificate you require or which product you would prefer.

In addition we naturally have a series of other documents for the various items of our product range, such as test certificates on

  • Pendulum impact test (e.g. for balcony guards and balustrades)
  • Anti-vandal glazing
  • Test certificate for PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT solid sheets and PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets
  • Protection from falling TRAV, ETB
  • RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) for PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT

Overview of fire certificates

PLEXIGLAS® is classified according to all major European and U.S. fire standards.

  • Grades are divided into ‘all’ and ‘some’ grades.
  • The classification is given in decreasing order of difficulty.

Fire rating of PLEXIGLAS®

Class GS sheets XT sheets Corrugated sheets Multi-skin sheets
UL 94

all from 1.5 mm

all from 1.5 mm

all from 1.5 mm

DIN EN 13501
E from 1.8 mm from 1.8 mm from 1.8 mm all
DIN 4102
B2 from 1.8 mm from 1.8 mm from 1.8 mm all
BS 476, Part 6+7

BS 2782,
Meth. 508 A
Class 0
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4

from 3 mm
3 mm

3 mm

3 mm

CSE/RF 2/75A and 3/77
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5




NEN 3883
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4




B 3800
B2 all all   all
IV.3 all all all all
Oxygen index
LOI in % to ISO 4589
  17.5 17.5 17.5  
Ignition temperature
°C to DIN 51794
  435 430 430 430
Glow-wire ignition
temperature test
method for materials

DIN EN 60695-2-12


675 °C
650 °C

675 °C
650 °C

675 °C
650 °C

Fire behavior

Technical publications show that about 80 % of all fire victims die from smoke poisoning rather than the fire itself. Thick fumes may block the view of fire escape signs, and invisible smoke gases may also be acutely toxic and lead to asphyxiation.

When it comes to the fire behavior of a given material, experts therefore look at more than just the building materials rating, i.e. its flammability.

The nature and quantity of smoke gases, the extent to which they obscure visibility, and their toxicity and corrosiveness may often be far more important criteria. Other vital aspects are flame spread, the dripping behavior according to the relevant standards and the extinguishing characteristics.

  • The fire behavior of PLEXIGLAS® is rated in Euroclass E, without burning droplets, according to DIN EN 13501 and in Class B2, normally flammable, without burning droplets, according to DIN 4102 Part 1.
  • PLEXIGLAS® burns almost without smoke according to DIN 4102 and is easy to extinguish.
  • The smoke gases produced by PLEXIGLAS® are not acutely toxic according to DIN 53436 and are non-corrosive according to DIN VDE 0482-267.
  • Roof surfaces glazed with PLEXIGLAS® open up by melting in the event of fire and allow smoke and heat to escape.

*PLEXIGLAS® burns almost without smoke.

Answers to frequently asked questions on PLEXIGLAS® fire behavior

Fire aspects

Smoke Gas Volume
PLEXIGLAS® burns almost without smoke.

The smoke development of various materials employed in indoor and exterior applications is shown. The tests are performed according to DIN 4102 by the materials testing agency (Materialprüfungsamt) of North Rhine-Westphalia in Dortmund.The low level of light absorption or light attenuation exhibited by PLEXIGLAS® shows that virtually no obstacle to visibility is to be expected.

Similar investigations in Austria and Switzerland confirm the low smoke levels it generates. In both countries, PLEXIGLAS® is classified as a material with low smoke formation. Tests performed according to DIN EN 11925 for rating in Euroclass E confirm the low smoke formation. Tradeshow companies, among others, demand materials that generate no smoke in the event of fire.

Smoke Gas Toxicity
PLEXIGLAS® releases no acutely toxic gases.

This is a particularly important criterion for all applications in rooms frequented by the public.The certificates of inoffensiveness confirm that PLEXIGLAS® does not release any acutely toxic gases. The certificates were issued by EPA GmbH, an institute that analyzes the smoke gases of combustible materials and draws up expert reports and certificates on their classification.Apart from low smoke development, this property is a central requirement of almost all directives on tradeshow booth construction.

Smoke Gas Corrosiveness
PLEXIGLAS® has no corrosive effect in the event of fire.

Fires are dangerous. The corrosive gas mixtures that may form just during a fire, but also during fire-fighting and for a long period afterwards, may be harmful to persons and damage buildings and equipment. Critical substances usually settle on surfaces and adhere to them or are constantly released into the air.The damage caused by these deposits and environmental hazards may be much more significant than the damage caused directly by fire, owing to the required renovation work. Tests performed according to DIN VDE 0482-267 and our own investigations clearly show that: The smoke gas and basic constituents of PLEXIGLAS® are neither corrosive, nor do they adhere permanently to surfaces.

Extinguishing Characteristics
PLEXIGLAS® can be extinguished with water and all other extinguishing agents.

Materials burn in different ways, depending on their chemical composition or state. Materials are divided into four fire classes, ABCD, to assess the extinguishing requirements. Depending on the fire rating, only certain extinguishing agents may be used, e.g. water, foam, powder, CO2 etc..

PLEXIGLAS® is rated in fire class A, as a solid combustible material. However, PLEXIGLAS® forms no embers, which distinguishes it clearly from ember-forming materials like wood, for example. PLEXIGLAS® is therefore considered especially easy to extinguish. All it normally takes to extinguish PLEXIGLAS® is a small quantity of water. However, all other extinguishing agents are equally suitable. That greatly facilitates fire-fighting.

Flame Spread
PLEXIGLAS® is tested according to ASTM D 635-81 and other standards.

When materials start to burn, they may ignite neighboring objects. The speed with which fire spreads depends on a number of different factors. The flame spread of materials is determined by various test methods, depending on application.

Ignition Behavior / Building Materials Rating / Dripping Behavior
PLEXIGLAS® is classed as B2, normally flammable, without burning droplets, according to DIN 4102.

The ignition behavior of a material is one criterion for its building materials rating. PLEXIGLAS® is rated B2, normally flammable, to DIN 4102, and is thus approved for a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications.In addition, PLEXIGLAS® is rated in Euroclass E according to DIN EN 13501.Apart from the ignition test in compliance with the given standards, tests performed under fire department supervision show that PLEXIGLAS® is not normally ignited by sources such as weld spatter or flying sparks from grinding operations, sparklers, fireworks or glowing charcoal.

The dripping behavior of burning or melting materials depends not merely on their properties, but also on the progression of a fire. The assessment of dripping behavior is one of the investigations used to determine the building materials rating. PLEXIGLAS® is rated in building materials class B2, without burning droplets, according to DIN 4102. This fire behavior is confirmed by Euroclass E to DIN EN 13501.



We offer you maximum safety for our original PLEXIGLAS® block products. In response to market requirements and in order to extend applications for PLEXIGLAS® blocks for extreme loads (e.g. pressure chambers, underwater applications), we provide PLEXIGLAS® GS blocks of examined quality with the corresponding certificates.

We will be pleased to furnish further information for specific projects.

Title /
Internal specification of Röhm GmbH
Explanations Our QPA inspection is performed on PLEXIGLAS® GS blocks of 30 mm to 250 mm. This test covers all major physical properties of importance to material behavior. It is performed on each production batch and gives the customer the corresponding technical safety. Further test certificates (e.g. EN 10 204 Certificate of Compliance with the Order "2.1", Test Report "2.2", Inspection Certificate "3.1"...) can be provided on the basis of this inspection.
Material PLEXIGLAS® GS Blocks from 30 mm to 250 mm thickness

Declarations of conformity with the following certificates can be issued, based on QPA quality inspection:

Editor Germanischer Lloyd
Explanations It is hereby confirmed that Röhm GmbH, Dolivostr. 17 64293 Darmstadt, Germany, has an appropriate quality-assurance system, which has been subjected to a specific assessment for materials in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC in its valid version and has shown the capability for the manufacture of Acrylic Castings PLEXIGLAS® 0Z00.
Material PLEXIGLAS® 0Z00
Editor Germanischer Lloyd
Explanations Röhm GmbH, Dolivostr. 17 64293 Darmstadt, Germany, has been subjected to an approval test in accordance with our Rules for Classification and Construction, I - Ship Technology, Part 5 - Underwater Technology, Chapter 1 - Diving Systems and Diving Simulators and Chapter 2 - Manned Submersibles, Appendix C - "Acrylic Windows", with satisfactory results and is approved to the manufacture of the following materials and products:

Acrylic Castings PLEXIGLAS® 0Z00
Acrylic Spherical Sector Windows up to 180° including Spherical Sector Windows with Square Edge
Acrylic Hemispherical Windows with Equatorial Flange
Material PLEXIGLAS® 0Z00
Editor Germanischer Lloyd
Explanations Röhm GmbH, Dolivostr. 17 64293 Darmstadt, Germany, has shown the capability of manufacturing acrylic material for windows and Type 1 custom castings according to the requirements of ASME PVHO-1-2012, Section 2, Article 3 (SAFETY STANDARD FOR PRESSURE VESSELS FOR HUMAN OCCUPANCY).
Material PLEXIGLAS® 0Z00

Noise barriers


There are a number of standards and approvals that apply to materials designed to afford noise reduction along traffic routes. The following list gives a general overview without claiming to be exhaustive:

Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices Test method to determine acoustic properties
DIN EN 1793-1 Part 1: Product-specific characteristics of sound insulation
DIN EN 1793-2 Part 2: Product-specific characteristics of airborne sound insulation
DIN EN 1793-3 Part 3: Standardized traffic noise spectrum
DIN EN 1793-5 Part 5: Intrinsic characteristics – In situ values of sound reflection under direct sound field conditions
DIN EN 1793-6 Part 6: Intrinsic characteristics — In situ values of airborne
sound insulation under direct sound field conditions
  Non-acoustic properties
DIN EN 1794-1 Part 1: Mechanical properties and stability requirements
DIN EN 1794-2 Part 2: General safety and environmental requirements
ZTV-Lsw 22 Additional technical regulations and directives for installing noise barriers along roads
German Ministry of Transport
GCW-2001 "Richtlijnen geluidbeperkende constructies langs wegen" (NL)
Directives for noise control structures along roads

Test Certificates

The following test certificates exist for PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop products:

Test certificates to
ZTV-Lsw 22,
EN 1793/1-3, 5, 6,
EN 1794/1-2

Airborne sound reduction, stability under wind pressure, danger posed by falling fragments (impact test), fire resistance, dimensional stability under load, resistance to stone impact
National approvals Croatia
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS / GS CC
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS / GS CC
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS / GS CC
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS / GS CC
Czech Republic
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS / GS CC
PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop XT, PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS CC with black polyamide threads
Bird protection We have a test report from the German society for the protection of birds concerning the bird-deterrent effect of PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop GS CC with black polyamide threads.
EPDM seal Compatibility test of the EPDM seal with PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop


PLEXIGLAS® & ACRYLITE® Aircraft Materials

*) automatically qualified for Class 1
Casting sheets AMECMA Germany Great Britain France USA Russia
PLEXIGLAS® GS 241         AMS-LP-391,
prEN 4364 WL 5.1412 DTD 5592 A AIR9106/A Type I MIL-PRF-5425 GOST
prEN 4365 SL 5.1415 DTD 5592 A AIR9106/A Type II MIL-PRF-8184 Type I, Class 2 GOST
PLEXIGLAS® Stretched
ACRYLITE® Stretched
prEN 4366 WL 5.1416   AIR9106/ Type III MIL-PRF-25690, Class 2*   


RÖHM is a worldwide manufacturer of PMMA products sold under the PLEXIGLAS® and PLEXIMID® trademarks on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents and under the ACRYLITE® and ACRYMID® trademarks in the Americas.

Allocation of EUROPLEX® F and PPSU to aviation-specific fire requirements

*depending on the thickness
FAR 25.853 (a)(1)(i)
AITM 2.0002; 60 sec. vertical burn
pass pass
FAR 25.853 (a)(1)(ii)
AITM 2.0002; 12 sec. vertical burn
pass pass
FAR 25.853 (c), AITM 2.0006;
OSU heat release 65/65
FAR 25.853 (c), AITM 2.0007;
smoke density
pass pass
AITM 3.0005 Toxicity pass pass
UL94 flammability rating V0* V0



PLEXIGLAS® is suitable for many types of glazing in transportation.

Existing approvals for PLEXIGLAS® in transport systems

Approval or regulation Explanations Material valid until
Allgemeine Bauartgenehmigung 
for motor vehicles
in Germany
(recognized in: Hungary, Turkey,
Czech Republic)
DOT for motor vehicles
in USA and Canada
in: Italy, Spain,
Austria, Greece)
DOT-112, AS-6, 
M-33 bis M-103
Only for use in Item AS-6:
- trailers
- mobile homes
- caravans
- special passenger cars
- rear windows of convertibles
- motorcycle windscreens
- etc.
XT 0A000
3 ... 10 mm
until revoked


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