How much weight and pressure can PLEXIGLAS® withstand?

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Here you can find information on the load-bearing capacity of PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin, corrugated and solid sheets, as well as important notes on when you should ask an expert to calculate the sheet thickness.

PLEXIGLAS® is only half the weight of glass and yet eleven times sturdier. The material is therefore ideally suited to withstand high pressure. This applies to a variety of applications including snow loads on roofs, wind pressure on vertical glazing or water pressure in aquariums. But how do you find out the required dimensions for PLEXIGLAS® sheets or blocks for the respective application? The surface area and geometry of the sheets are relevant here, as well as the proposed application. The first step is to differentiate whether the sheets are multi-skin, corrugated or solid.

Load-bearing capacity of PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin and corrugated sheets

In the home and in the garden, PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin and corrugated sheets are primarily used in the construction of carports, patio roofs, porches, conservatories or greenhouses. As POLYVANTIS GmbH sells these sheets in standard sizes, the information on load-bearing capacity can be found in the respective product information sheet. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to build a roof from PLEXIGLAS® can find tables with guideline values for the load-bearing behavior and gaps between cross members (purlins) in case additional stabilization of the substructure is required.

Conventional roofs made of multi-skin sheets found in private domiciles generally do not need cross members, as patio roofs or carports are seldom more than four meters long. However, this only applies to multi-skin sheets made from the brand acrylic glass from POLYVANTIS GmbH, which stand out thanks to their high stability and quality. Purlins are often needed when using other plastics as the sheets would otherwise bend.

Here you can find Instructions for Installing for PLEXIGLAS® Multi-Skin, Corrugated and Solid Sheets.

Sheet thickness has an impact on aesthetics and acoustics

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Aesthetics and acoustics should not be forgotten when selecting the roof material. Thanks to their stability, multi-skin PLEXIGLAS® sheets can not only bear a greater mass of snow, but also require fewer cross members which have a negative impact on the aesthetics of a transparent roof.

And they even absorb sound better. After all, rain drumming on the porch, conservatory or patio roof can also be disturbing inside the house. The sound of rain on thicker sheets is more muted and pleasant – in this case, the thicker, the better.

Calculating the load capacity of PLEXIGLAS® solid sheets

Unlike the preassembled multi-skin and corrugated sheets, general statements cannot be made on the load-bearing capacity of solid sheets. In this case, it depends on the individual dimensions and geometry of the sheet.

High pressure resilience and load-bearing capacity can be guaranteed for almost every sheet thickness – however, it must be calculated precisely by an expert. Therefore, those wanting to build a porch from PLEXIGLAS® solid sheets should definitely consult a specialist retailer or fabricator. Here you can find the contact information for the partners of POLYVANTIS GmbH.


How thick does PLEXIGLAS® glazing have to be for use in an aquarium?

When building aquariums from PLEXIGLAS®, the same applies: The required thickness of the sheets must be calculated by an expert based on the individual dimensions. Here you can find the contact information for the partners of POLYVANTIS GmbH.

Extremely stable – in the air and in the deep sea

When the requirement is to withstand high pressures, PLEXIGLAS® is the ideal choice. It is a very popular material for aerospace and deep-sea diving applications as it can even withstand the extreme pressures at flight altitudes or in the deep sea. POLYVANTIS GmbH also manufactures PLEXIGLAS® blocks for airplane windows, pressure chambers, submarine domes or underwater windows.

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You can also find more information on our PLEXIGLAS® products for house and garden in this overview.


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