PLEXIGLAS®: Even safe enough for food

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We’ve all experienced it: After unwrapping a new product, a peculiar smell permeates the air. Unpleasant at best, this can be harmful to one’s health at worst.

For example, plasticizers used to make many plastics malleable evaporate from the material over the course of time and can then be considered a health risk. PLEXIGLAS®, however, does not release its ingredients into the environment while in use – or simply put: PLEXIGLAS® doesn’t smell.

Depending on their application, extremely high requirements are placed on plastics regarding their environmental impact and health effects while in use. PLEXIGLAS® meets all requirements in this regard.

  • Semi-finished PLEXIGLAS® products inherently contain no plasticizers, heavy metal salts or halogens, and in particular no chlorine.
  • In addition, semi-finished PLEXIGLAS® products possess no nitrogen compounds or aromatic constituents as part of their basic chemical structure. Additives are only required in small quantities, if at all.
  • Based on current knowledge, PLEXIGLAS® does not usually release relevant quantities of active substances that are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic or have similarly undesired effects due to its basic chemical structure, even above its softening temperature (at around 100 degrees Celsius).
  • PLEXIGLAS® sheets release no ingredients into the air, water or ground.
  • Even in case of fire, PLEXIGLAS® does not develop acutely toxic fumes.
    Find out more about the fire behavior of PLEXIGLAS® here.


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