From frost to heat:
Temperature behavior of PLEXIGLAS®

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PLEXIGLAS® is well suited for many outdoor applications such as greenhouses, noise barriers, and illuminated advertising signs. Used such, the material is subjected to shifts between high and low temperatures in the course of the year. Due to its intrinsic properties the branded acrylic is well able to meet this challenge.

It can withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, and even the fiercest summer heat cannot damage the material: PLEXIGLAS® GS can be used at temperatures up to about 80 degrees Celsius and PLEXIGLAS® XT to about 70 degrees. Only at about 200 degrees Celsius does the material start to fuse.

Considering expansion

As temperature and/or atmospheric humidity increase the acrylic expands - depending to an extent on the material - in cold or dry conditions it contracts. The allowance for expansion is typically 5 to 6 millimeters per linear meter of sheet. This temperature behavior of PLEXIGLAS® must be considered when, for example, using the material as roofing.

More information is available in the brochure PLEXIGLAS® Multi-Skin, Corrugated, and Solid Sheets – Instructions for Installing.


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