PLEXIGLAS® light transmission: More transparent than glass

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The light transmission of a material indicates how well it transmits incident light. Light transmission is, therefore, the technical term for transparency to light. Light-transmitting materials may be transparent or translucent: When viewed through transparent materials, contours are sharply defined; in translucent materials they are indistinct.

PLEXIGLAS® is available in both transparent and translucent variants, each of which allows a different degree of light transmission, or transmittance. This depends on the material type and the thickness of the sheet. Detailed information on the transmittance of individual PLEXIGLAS® variants is available in the corresponding Technical Information brochures.

Clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS® products show the highest transmittance, of up to 92 percent, in the visible range. The reduction is due only to a physical reflection loss of 4 percent at each of the light entry and exit surfaces; the material itself allows light to pass through unhindered. PLEXIGLAS® is thus one of the most transparent materials known, with almost no absorption of visible light in the material.


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The thicker the sheet the more important the light transmission of a material. Large aquariums, for example, are constructed using transparent PLEXIGLAS® blocks with a thickness of several centimeters. Due to the unusually high light transmission of the branded acrylic, the fish can nonetheless be observed without a green cast or opacity and as they really are: in the right colors and proportions.
In greenhouses as well, plants and their gardeners benefit from the high light transmission of PLEXIGLAS®.

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