Natural UV protection: No visible yellowing in almost all clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS® products

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New transparent plastics are visually almost indistinguishable. Over time and if exposed to UV radiation in outdoor applications, most plastics change, however, becoming yellow, brown, and unsightly as well as losing much of their light transmission.

PLEXIGLAS® does not: Almost all clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS® sheets are guaranteed to retain as much as 90 percent light transmission, depending on material type and region, even after 30 years of use. This is one of the best transmission levels offered by any plastic.


PLEXIGLAS® consists entirely of extremely strong and UV-stable molecules. This special NATURALLY UV-STABLE technology completely stabilizes PLEXIGLAS® from within. The entire sheet is therefore UV-stable; it does not yellow and retains its high light transmission. We back this claim with a warranty for almost all clear-transparent and transparent solid, multi-skin, and corrugated sheets as well as blocks, tubes, and rods marketed under the PLEXIGLAS® brand name: Find out more about our 30-year warranty for PLEXIGLAS®.

The UV resistance of PLEXIGLAS® is especially important in patio roofs and greenhouses: Thanks to the intrinsic UV protection of the material, it can, for example, remain in use longer than plastics that lose their light transmitting properties and become brown and unsightly in course of time.


With its special NATURALLY UV-STABLE technology, PLEXIGLAS® has built-in UV protection. As a result, the material shows no sign of yellowing and retains its high light transmission.

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Long-term more light

In most plastics, UV radiation can cause dramatic changes and the materials lose much of their light transmission over time. Which is not true for almost all clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS® sheets.

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On the safe side

PLEXIGLAS® consists entirely of extremely strong and UV-stable molecules. This means that the entire sheet, rather than just a thin surface layer, is UV stable. Other plastics, by contrast, are often provided with protective layers to protect against UV radiation. Surface treatments such as coatings and other films are often very thin, however, and may scratch, chip, or develop cracks.

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Ultraviolet Radiation – Benefits and Risks

All living creatures need light and warmth, and both are provided by the sun. But the sun also emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

UV radiation enhances well-being and activates the human organism. In particular it promotes the formation of the essential vitamin D3, which the body requires to build and maintain bones. But 15 minutes of indirect sunlight on the hands and face every day is often sufficient for that purpose.

The ozone layer that surrounds the earth acts as a filter against excessive UV radiation. The thinning of the ozone layer – already by about 20 percent in Western Europe – is an ongoing process due to climate change. As the ozone layer diminishes, more and more UV radiation hits the earth.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can be harmful to health, and may cause sunburn as well as more rapid aging of the skin and increase the risk of contracting skin cancer. Corresponding protective measures are therefore increasingly important.

We are exposed to the majority of UV radiation in our childhood. At this time, our UV protection mechanism is not yet fully developed. So effective protection at children’s playgrounds, for instance, is highly important.

A simple way to protect oneself against excessive UV radiation is to stay in the shade, for example under a roof. But many roofs keep out welcome light as well as UV rays. PLEXIGLAS® combines both properties, UV protection and light transmission.

Tested Protection

UV radiation is invisible. Independent test laboratories confirm the reliable effectiveness of UV protection, however.

PLEXIGLAS® is examined at the Hohensteiner Institutes according to the stringent Australian standard AS/NZS 4399:1996.

  • PLEXIGLAS® - whether as a multi-skin, corrugated or solid sheet – offers the highest ltraviolet protection actor for roofing materials.
  • PLEXIGLAS® roofing materials therefore receive the Hohensteiner quality label.

The UPF values are comparable with the well-known sun protection factors (SPF) of suntan lotions. UPF 50+ means that at least 98 percent of UV radiation is blocked.

What’s more: PLEXIGLAS® shows no yellowing! This we guarantee for 30 years.


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