PLEXIGLAS® for home & garden

Turning living space into a bright joy

Light is the only way to turn living spaces into feel-good rooms. With PLEXIGLAS® , there are practically no limits to creative ideas. The versatile material is available with a wide range of properties and surfaces - from highly light-transmitting to light-diffusing and opaque to heat-insulating or noise-reflecting.

In addition, PLEXIGLAS® materials for home & garden are extremely robust, weatherproof, very durable, easy to fabricate and available in almost any colour shade.


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Ideal solutions for every application

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Highly light-transmitting and dirt-repellent: The special Alltop coating of the solid or corrugated double-skin sheets makes them particularly light-transmitting and ensures that normal dirt is simply washed off by the rain. This makes PLEXIGLAS® Alltop ideal for greenhouses, for example.


Robust and weather-resistant: PLEXIGLAS® Resist is particularly distinguished by its high resistance. Its impact-resistant modification makes it exceptionally robust and weather-resistant. It is the material of choice for roofing and canopies. Available as multi-skin and corrugated sheets, solid sheets or tubes.

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Heat-reflecting and energy-efficient: PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop multi-skin sheets were specially developed to prevent heat accumulation under transparent roofs. Due to the heat-reflecting surface, the air under a carport roof, for example, heats up by up to 75 % less than under clear double glazing. In closed rooms, this saves energy and money for air conditioning.



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PLEXIGLAS® GS/XT, Satinice, Textures

The versatile ones: PLEXIGLAS® GS/XT is UV- and weather-resistant, durable and easy to fabricate. In the form of sheets, tubes, rods or films, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the home or outdoors, e.g. as privacy screens or for balcony railings. PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is characterized by its discreet light diffusion and noble feel. PLEXIGLAS® Textures offers a wide range of surface textures: ribbed, honeycomb, bark-look and others.

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Certified production, tested quality

PLEXIGLAS® is the world's first acrylic glass and has proven itself for decades in a wide variety of applications. All sheets, tubes, rods and films are manufactured by a TÜV-certified manufacturer in a casting process by polymerisation or extrusion.

The "home and garden suitability" of PLEXIGLAS® has been tested and confirmed according to QPA. It is eleven times more break-resistant than glass, shatters significantly less and meets the requirements for fall protection according to DIN EN 12600. According to current knowledge, the material does not release any relevant quantities of toxic or other undesirable substances.

PLEXIGLAS® processing professionally

PLEXIGLAS® materials can be processed in many different ways. Whether cutting, joining, grinding or forming - in our service area we explain step by step how to do it right.

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