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Luminous advertising messages make public spaces more lively and colourful. PLEXIGLAS® has been one of the leading materials for visual communication, trade fair construction and shop fitting for decades. It diffuses light evenly, offers a wide variety of colours and shapes, is robust and very durable.

In addition, PLEXIGLAS® has been continuously developed in line with the lighting innovations in the industry. For example, it is ideally suited for backlighting with the latest generation of LEDs.


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The PLEXIGLAS® Product Line


Good for the enviroment: PLEXIGLAS® proTerra consists of 90% recycled acrylic and thus contributes to a resource-saving circular economy. The coextruded solid sheets have a glossy surface on both sides and feature the usual properties of PLEXIGLAS® XT.


For fascinating light and colour effects: This special branded acrylic glass ensures maximum transmission of LED light. This enables fascinating, flowing colour-changing effects without disturbing hotspots. Available as sheets or rods, the material is ideal for edge, side or backlighting, for example.



The multi-purpose classic: PLEXIGLAS® GS/XT is UV- and weather-resistant, durable and easy to process. It is available in the form of sheets, tubes, rods and films, crystal clear or brilliant, and in many opaque, translucent, transparent and fluorescent colours.


With a velvet touch: The satin surface conveys a warm, velvety feel to the touch. Despite its elegant structure and discreet light diffusion, PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is extremely hard-wearing. It is available as sheets or tubes with a satin finish on one or both sides and beaded in various colours.


Robust and weather-resistant: PLEXIGLAS® Resist is particularly distinguished by its high resistance. Its impact-resistant modification makes it exceptionally robust and weather-resistant. It is the material of choice for roofing and canopies. Available as multi-skin and corrugated sheets, solid sheets or tubes.

PLEXIGLAS® Tubes & Rods

Ambience without corners and edges: The tubes and rods made of our branded acrylic glass are particularly suitable for interior design applications such as luminaires, ambient lighting or furniture construction. They have also become an indispensable material in trade fair and shop construction. Furthermore, they are also used in industrial components and architectural constructions.

Adhesives and auxiliaries

PLEXIGLAS® Visual Communication Components can be joined together in different ways. A distinction is made between detachable and non-detachable connections. The most frequently used non-detachable joining method is adhesive bonding. Our ACRIFIX® range of adhesives and auxiliaries has been specially developed for perfect adhesive joints between acrylic components.

Helpful tips for processing PLEXIGLAS® can also be found in our service area.

Certified production, tested quality

PLEXIGLAS® is the world's first acrylic glass and has proven itself for decades in a wide variety of applications. All sheets, tubes, rods and films are manufactured by a TÜV-certified manufacturer in a casting process by polymerisation or extrusion. The suitability of PLEXIGLAS® Visual Communication products has been tested and confirmed according to QPA. PLEXIGLAS® is suitable for contact with food. All colourless sheets and tubes tested for this purpose meet the relevant EU requirements and the FDA regulations applicable in the USA for contact with foodstuffs. Excluded from this are scratch-resistant coated surfaces.


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