Röhm showcases PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films for secure and long-lasting labels at Labelexpo

Labelexpo Europe 2023, hall 3, booth A10

© Röhm GmbH – Acrylic Products | Special PLEXIGLAS® film is suitable for ultra-destructible security labels that show attempts at manipulation.
  • PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® special films offer ideal solutions for trends and technical innovations in label printing
  • Excellent UV resistance guarantees longevity of labels
  • Targeted brittleness adjustment ensures highly robust as well as ultra-destructible films for security labels


For the first time in four years, specialists in label and packaging printing will once again meet at Labelexpo Europe, the world’s largest trade fair for the sector, in Brussels on September 11 to 14, 2023. Röhm will be there too, in hall 3, booth A10, presenting special PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films that meet the complex requirements placed on high-quality labels in all applications.

Röhm offers film products with diverse properties for solutions including tamper-proof labels for protecting branded products and food-safe labels that conform to Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. Because all PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films are highly resistant to UV radiation and weather influences, they can be used to produce long-lasting labels of the very highest quality. The printed information remains permanently legible even when exposed to intense light and when used outdoors.

Transparent or white and directly printable

PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films can be printed directly and are available in numerous variants: highly transparent or white, with high-gloss surfaces on both sides or matte on one side. Röhm can also adjust the brittleness to fit the respective application, from highly robust films to ultra-destructible films for security labels that tear immediately when somebody attempts to remove them.

PLEXIGLAS® films are made from 100 percent acrylic polymer (PMMA). They are free from halogens and contain no plasticizers or solvents. EUROPLEX® films are also based on acrylic, but combined with other polymers for additional functions.

Röhm’s trade fair team at Labelexpo Europe will be happy to advise visitors on selecting the right film product. For more information and application examples, see the overview page for PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films.

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