Röhm to showcase highly specialized PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® products for medical technology at COMPAMED

COMPAMED 2023, hall 8A, booth M31

© Röhm GmbH – Acrylic Products | Special PLEXIGLAS® & EUROPLEX® products for medical technology
  • PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® COC films for lab-on-a-chip systems
  • EUROPLEX®O orthopedic plastic for high-quality shoe inserts and orthoses
  • EUROPLEX®PPSU sheets for breakproof instrument containers


Röhm GmbH offers high-quality specialty plastics for medical technology. At the leading trade fair COMPAMED, held in Düsseldorf on November 13–16, Röhm will showcase wafer-thin special films for microfluidics, a transparent orthopedic plastic with special processing properties and highly impact-resistant sheet material for instrument containers that meet the high demands of the operating room.


Crystal-clear special films for microfluidics

Microfluidic diagnostics places great demands on the materials used. EUROPLEX® COC films have proven their worth as a solution for sealing lab-on-a-chip systems thanks to their special blend of properties: Thanks to their outstanding transparency, low inherent fluorescence and low birefringence, they possess all the necessary properties for spectroscopic analysis methods.

EUROPLEX® COC films are biocompatible and can be sterilized. They exhibit good chemical resistance to not only acids and alkalis, but also to a multitude of solvents. Moreover, they withstand high thermal loads – a key property for applications or test methods that involve heating samples.

The films can be applied to injection-molded parts through ultrasonic welding, laser welding or thermobonding. This allows analysis chips to be sealed extremely quickly and gently at a lower temperature.

The Films segment of the Acrylic Products business unit supports manufacturers in the medical technology sector with bespoke services, such as manufacturing the films in custom dimensions.


EUROPLEX® O orthopedic plastic for high-quality shoe inserts and orthoses

EUROPLEX® O, the proven orthopedic plastic from Röhm, is now available for the orthopedic technology sector once again following a product relaunch. The transparent, polyamide-based sheet material is ideal for manufacturing high-quality orthoses, shoe inserts and other orthopedic aids. Because of the material’s high mechanical stability and impact resistance, shoe inserts and orthoses made from EUROPLEX® O are virtually indestructible.

One major advantage during processing is that EUROPLEX® O can be molded at temperatures as low as 90°C without pre-drying, while remaining more stable than many other comparable materials. Thanks to its excellent thermoformability, even subsequent corrections such as in the case of pressure points that are immediately visible under the transparent material are easy to make. EUROPLEX® O is skin-friendly and resistant to sweat and skin care products, while the smooth, pore-free surface is easy to clean.

Orthopedic aids made from EUROPLEX® O are unobtrusive and provide a high level of comfort for the wearer. Orthoses do not need to be taken off for X-rays, as the material allows X-rays to pass through freely.


EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets for breakproof instrument containers

EUROPLEX® PPSU is a virtually indestructible plastic that is valued in the medical technology sector as a breakproof and durable material for instrument containers. It meets all of the stringent hygiene standards for operating rooms and withstands more than 1,000 cycles of hot steam sterilization. The material is impact, chemical and flame-resistant. EUROPLEX® PPSU is available either in a clear-transparent variant or in a range of colors – and can even be colored in customers’ custom colors. Transparent lids mean that the instruments inside the containers are easy to see in one glance, while different colors can be used for organizing into a clear system.

EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets are easy to process by means of thermoforming, which is quicker and more flexible than injection molding and allows cost-effective production – even in small series production.

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