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The elegant way to charge your vehicle

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© Enelion

From charging stations in the city to wallboxes in private homes – EV chargers not only have to supply energy quickly and reliably, but also look good. This high standard is shared by Enelion, a Polish company from Gdansk that specializes in charging equipment for electromobility and attaches great value to user experience and design.

The slim ENELION VERTICA poles have a black or silver housing made from matte aluminum with a glossy PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC front panel backprinted in black. These panels are made in Germany at Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH, one of Röhm’s longstanding PLEXIGLAS® processing partners.

PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is vibrant, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant

“Our charging station is a reliable, safe and aesthetically pleasing element that blends in with the urban infrastructure. That is why we chose PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC as a material,” comments Radoslaw Lipski, Purchasing Specialist at Enelion. The clear-transparent material is virtually impermeable to UV, while its scratch-resistant coating makes it resistant to wear. All this contributes to the charging points’ high-quality appearance.

One special product characteristic of PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is the scratchproof coating on one side.

PLEXIGLAS®, the branded acrylic from Röhm, is a robust material already, as acrylic has the highest surface hardness and abrasion resistance of all thermoplastics. A scratch-resistant coating makes it even tougher, equipping the panels of the charging points for intensive use in public spaces and ensuring that they can withstand even careless use of the charging plug.

Like all other PLEXIGLAS® products, PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is also highly UV and weather resistant, making it a durable material for outdoor applications. Because the material does not yellow or become brittle when exposed to sunlight, the surface of the panel keeps its brilliant gloss in the long term and the colors on the printed back retain their intensity.

“PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC from Röhm meets our expectations of the material for this application perfectly. And, in the specialist company Hans Fischer GmbH, we have found a processing partner that delivers outstanding quality and excellent knowledge of both the material and the requirements of our industry,” states Lipski.

Minimalistic design

The unobtrusive ENELION VERTICA charging station blends in with its urban surroundings. The materials used have to withstand robust handling and the effects of sun, rain and frost. The PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC panel also meets these requirements, offering long-term UV and weather resistance and a scratch-proof coating.

© Enelion

Expertise throughout the production chain

The panels for Enelion’s VERTICA and WALLBOX EV chargers go through all production stages at Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH in Cologne – from the two-millimeter-thick PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC sheet to the ready-to-install component. “We offer all the processing steps needed here from a single source. Our vertical integration reduces complexity, shortens the process chain and saves time and money for our customers,” stresses Tim Kulisch, Director Sales at Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH. Alongside cutting to size and CNC lasering and engraving, in this case the processing also includes printing the panels to produce an opaque black panel look, as PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC is initially clear and transparent.

Black panel look

For Enelion’s EV charger panels, Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH back-prints PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC sheets in screen print technology. This is multiple-up print will be laser-cut into three displays.

© Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH

PLEXIGLAS® Optical can be printed with a corporate design

For Enelion’s EV charger panels, the back of the material is printed with white text and a black background using the screen printing technique – helping the charging points to stand out from those of competitors in the growing electromobility market.

In principle, PLEXIGLAS® acrylic is very easy to print using all conventional methods. “We use screen printing for full-color prints, while more complex motifs involving color gradients are produced with digital printing in our state-of-the-art printing department,” explains Kulisch.

Alongside tailored front panels for EV charging stations, the specialists at Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH also manufacture printed displays and operating panels for further applications in a modern, smart traffic infrastructure.

Wallbox from Enelion with black housing and a black panel made from PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC.

Translucent printing

As with the VERTICA pole, the Enelion WALLBOX features an OLED module for light contours hidden behind a panel of PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC backprinted in black. It frames the black socket and ensures that it can also be seen in the dark.  The print here is translucent.

© Enelion

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